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REVIEW: Legends of Tomorrow 1×09 “Left Behind”

Well, it wouldn’t be the CW without needless relationship drama, but hey at least on Legends of Tomorrow it mostly works in the grand scheme of things. “Left Behind” picks up exactly where we left off a few weeks ago with Ray, Kendra, and Sara stranded in 1958 wit nowhere to go and no one to help them out. Meanwhile, Rip and the team are attacked by Chronos and pretty much left for dead in the time stream. For an episode with a lot of moving parts, “Left Behind” managed to be just grounded enough that the weight of the teams decisions led to some excellent material. Not all of it managed to hit, but at the end of the day we ended up exactly where we needed to be at this moment in time, and not the team is forced to make a big play for Vandal, or die trying.

So let’s start with the relationship that was touch and go for the most part Ray and Kendra. Despite being one of the more shoehorned in relationships Brandon Routh manages to sell the crap out of Ray’s love, concern, and feelings of betrayal as Kendra tries to pushback on their relationship. You can clearly understand where Ray is coming from in his devotion and commitment to a relationship he has clearly perceived as real and that makes for a strong development for him. Unfortunately, Ciara Renée doesn’t quite manage to add the same passion to the pushback she is giving Ray. That is not to say she wasn’t good in other areas of the episode, but as far as romantic chemistry goes, these two just don’t have it. I mean why would Kendra believe that as soon as they got back on the ship things that happened during those two years wouldn’t matter. That is just such a weak denial of everything.

The other big amount of relationship drama came via Snart and Chronos, or as we know him Mick Rory. Yeah after all of the build up Snart didn’t have the balls to kill his best friend, and this unlike Barry’s adventures in the past earlier this week actually had a solid ramification that will effect all of the main characters on our show. I mean Mick was left out in the cold for who knows how long, but by the time the Time Masters found him he was as malleable as putty. I loved watching this side of Mick, who feels no remorse for anyone at all including his former best friend. It says a lot about Dominic Purcell’s skills that he manages rot make an already terrifying psychopath even more frightening by simply having better posture. It also says a ton about Snart that he never came back for Mick for some reason, they are supposed to be best friends and for Mick to become Chronos seems to have been a step to far for even Snart’s moral grey area.

I know I said Purcell’s performance was great this week, but goddamn Wentworth Miller is fast approaching Tom Cavanaugh territory of just being money no matter the scene. Watching him process what happened to Mick was heart breaking enough, but then Mick went full Slade and vowed to kill Lisa over and over again right in front of Snart. You could see the pain in Miller’s face as the head Rogue realized just how far his former comrade had fallen and how much he would be forced to suffer. If that wasn’t enough Snart used the cold gun on his hand and smashed it to pieces, that takes a certain level of determination to do and major props to him for being willing to make that sacrifice. I am interested to see exactly how the team proceeds to interact with Mick now that he is under Time Master influence and if Snart will now have the courage to actually pull the trigger on his former best friend.

The other fun part of the episode was getting to see Sara return to her roots as a member of the League of Assassins. It was strange for Sara to seemingly give up on being a normal person after only ten weeks in the past, but hey she has a ton of issues so I won’t complain to much. I especially enjoyed watching Matt Nable be the cool version of Ra’s Al Ghul, rather than the whiny eugenics monster he turned into at the end of last season. The way in which he loved the rules of the League, but still managed to understand the confliction of Sara wanting to be a good person was admirable. It also showed us just how cold and monstrous he had become, probably due to the multiple trips into the pit. This Ra’s still had some semblance of humanity remains and it would be fascinating to witness how he turned into the man we saw on Arrow.

This all led to multiple big showdowns between Kendra and Sara as well as the team vs Chronos. These were mostly well choreographed and it was nice to see just how far Kendra has come as a fighter. Of course the big fight with Chronos managed to pay off as each member of the team got their moment to shine, it was just depressing to not get to see Ra’s unleash a bit of pain of Mick. I mean come on all of those fodder and you’re not willing to even make an attempt to cut him down yourself. You’re the freaking head on the demon act like it you chump.

Overall it was a strong return for our heroes, now it is time to see the fallout of Mick’s betrayal.

Final grade B+

+Chronos and Snart

+Brandon Routh’s performance

+Matt Nable’s Ra’s was cool again

+Fun fights

-Kendra was weak

-Sara immediately going back to the league

Extra Thoughts

-Did the League honestly think arrows would work on Chronos? I mean how fodder like do they really need to be for master assassins.

-Hey it’s Talia. WHERE THE FUCK IS BRUCE???

-So Rip is fine with leaving Ray’s suit in the past? We literally had an entire episode about how this destroys the future Rip, don’t be so fucking stupid.

-At this point I will pay money to see Firestorm transmute anything. It’s one of his main fucking abilities, use it.

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