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REVIEW: Legends of Tomorrow 1×10 “Progeny”

You know, for the team trying their hardest to make the future better, they sure are doing the shittiest job imaginable at this point in time. I mean all you have to do is not make little Hitler into Hitler guys, it’s not rocket science, except when fate really wants it to happen. That is really what happens in “Progeny” which much like any given episode of Legends of Tomorrow is strong enough to hold its own. The team dynamics are super strong, the plot while a basic time travel plot is played out well enough, and the end result shows just the lengths time is willing to go to in order to screw with the team. In many ways “Progeny” is a simple enough filler episode, but in the end our team ends up actually making things worse by showing up and trying to save the day. At least when Arthur Darvill was traveling with The Doctor he didn’t screw up time this badly.

So let’s talk about Per Degaton, an obscure DC villain that even I had to look up, who apparently goes from mini Hitler to full blown Hitler in the span of twenty years thanks to Vandal’s tutelage. In the long run I like that the plot revolved around what exactly the team should do with the little monster, but Per Degaton as a character really lacked any sort of sympathy. He already seemed to be too far gone as he taunted Rip about not killing him and calling his father weak right before murdering him in his sleep. I mean their should have at least been a small amount of hesitance on Per Degaton’s account when everything was happening, instead of him already being one murder away from being a complete Savage puppet. It also didn’t help that no one even had true chemistry with him, I mean even Casper Crump’s Vandal struggled to give the kid anything to do. I mean sure Savage isn’t that great of a character right now, but there should still be something going on.

I did however enjoy the Ray side plot as it returned to the idea that Ray’s tech could and most likely will be used for evil. Watching Ray wrestle with these ideas is always good, it also helps to flesh out the idea of Vandal maintaining an obsession no matter how long it is. I mean he has been fascinated by Ray’s tech for over two hundred years and has been craving it bending to his will. These little characteristics tell you so much more about Vandal as a character than anything he has done up to this point on screen has. I honestly wish we could just put Ray and Vandal in a room and have them debate their ideologies, especially now that Ray has managed to do the one thing Vandal never has, make Kendra love him. As far as the Kendra flashbacks went I felt they were just drama for dramas sake although it was nice seeing Carter back for the briefest of moments.

My favorite part of the episode were all of the interludes with Mick and how the team mentions they failed him and how much Mick means to Snart. It was a perfect conversation between Sara and Mick and I loved how Dominic Purcell played the entire thing as if it was a best friend talking to the girl who took everything away from him. You could see the jealousy that Snart confided in Sara and told her thing that he though were between Snart and himself. It was if Mick was more angry at the idea of losing his friend than he was at being abandoned by him which was a great touch to the character. I especially loved how Snart and Mick handled things in the end as it wasn’t about taking revenge, it was about working out all of the issues the two Rogues’ had boiling under the surface. Once again Purcell absolutely nailed the moment when he chose not to beat Snart to death, the look of frustration was a clincher and I really am dying to see the fallout of the team getting back together.

The only part of the plot that truly frustrated me was the fact that Jax and Stein were completely sidelined for the most part. I understand there are a ton of different team dynamics going on and you had to have the big moment of Rip not killing Per Degaton, but you could have at least found a real plot for them. I mean the only real moment they had was when Ray was wrestling with the idea he may have a kid he doesn’t know about. I would have preferred to see Jax talk to Mick since they used to be kind of friends. Hell the same goes for Ray as he was the one who stood up for Mick when the team was originally betrayed. It just feels as if there was a lot of missed opportunity with the characters this week that needs to be resolved relatively soon.

Overall it was a solid enough episode with some missed opportunities.

Final Grade C+

+Ray plotline was quality

+Mick in a cage conversations were great

+Bleak ending

-Per Degaton added nothing to the plot

-Savage was underwhelming

-Kendra and Ray subplot felt forced

-Nothing for Jax or Stein to do

Extra Thoughts

-Hey we’re in Kasnia, one of my favorite Vandal Savage Justice League episodes was there.

-Snart really wanted to kill this kid. Like an uncomfortable amount.

-Mick’s line about killing Per Degaton “not being very hero like” was one of the better reads, second behind Ray bitching out his brother.

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