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REVIEW: Legends of Tomorrow 1×11 “The Magnificent Eight”

Good to see we are back on track and actually playing on a much more competent playing field this week. I mean “The Magnificent Eight” is just pure fan service to the western nerd genre and plays up what is great about the team. They need to be heroes, it is all they ever truly wanted and much like Rip said this era affords the team all of the opportunities to be heroes. Add onto the fact we managed to get a pretty solid introduction to Jonah Hex and find out more about the Time Masters methods in which to take out our team and you have the roots of a solid outing. Where this episodes divergence from our main story managed to succeed as opposed to last weeks tussle with Vandal, is the idea that everyone on the team has something to gain from this period. Even if they don’t quite know it yet.

So, Jonah Hex was actually a fairly solid addition to the cast this week as we dealt with all of the old west problems. This is not to say he was pitch perfect as is Constantine, but he is definitely serviceable enough in his absolute disgust of how the world works. Watching him interact with Rip and seeing is lack of amusement with the team’s antics is something that is usually missing from the story on a week to week basis. Normally you just have Rip being pissed that they have screwed up the timeline more, but now you have a person who simply doesn’t care how stupid the team gets. I mean Hex clearly knows how much the team has screwed up but is willing to play along at this point as long as it means things will work out in the end.

Similarly, the tension between Jonah and Rip was very strong and helped flesh out Rip as a character in many different ways. Seeing that Rip had spent time in this period and had become addicted to the lifestyle was a fun fact to throw out there, although it does make me wonder just how long was Rip in the old west. Add on the fact that Rip was able to man up and move past his mistakes in order to save the day, and you have some quality development for our captain. This does raise the question as to why we are getting an info dump on Rip so late in the season? I mean shouldn’t most of this have been done already so we could focus on Vandal and how dangerous he allegedly is? It does make you power why introduce this aspect know even though it is greatly appreciated.

I did however enjoy that all of the team had their roles to play in the old west. Ray became sheriff, Stein the mysterious doctor, Snart the mystery gunman helping out on the side of right. Hell, even the Kendra plot was interesting until it chose to focus to much on how she can never love anyone besides Carter. I mean at this point the more time we spend on Ray and Kendra the more annoyed I get by the entire affair. I get the whole destined to be together affair, so let’s not create unnecessary drama when we could have solid plot progression. For example we have Ray growing into a more competent leader for the team, as he is willing to make a huge stand against the Stillwater Gang. To see the team willing to take these types of risks and not just listen to the plan until they all screw it up. A solid change of pace in my opinion.

Unfortunately despite the amount of sheer fun that I experienced watching this episode it was just filler for fillers sake. I mean the big bad hunters were dispatched in quick and brutal fashion, only to inform us of some other big bad coming our way. Should the Time Masters and their lackeys be slightly more capable that just having our team wail on them at any given turn. It makes them about as threatening as Savage is, which is to say not at all in the long run. Hopefully the next Time Master lackey actual manages to scare our team or somehow provide an adequate threat. Maybe even Vandal can actual do something that makes the team remember that he is the entire reason they are running through time right now.

As for now everything is kind of at a standstill, I hope that Vandal will actually return as a threat and that we won’t be stuck with the Time Masters for the rest of the season.

Final Grade B

+Old west shenanigans

+Jonah Hex was pretty good

+Rip fleshing out

+Team had stuff to do

-Lack of a threat this episode

-No one cares about Ray and Kendra

-We are still fleshing out characters this late in the season

Extra Thoughts

-So, Ray totally flew through a guy and killed him and no one has a problem with that? I kind of have a problem with that.

-Sara drinking Mick under the table is just another in a long line of great moments in this show.

-So, the team’s younger selves are going to get attacked next week. You would think the fact that they all got hunted at some point would come up or something.

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