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REVIEW: Legends of Tomorrow 1×13 “Leviathan”

Yes, because the best move when dealing with an immortal psychopath is to actually bring him onto your home base. Nothing can possibly go wrong from this entire experience. So yeah, “Leviathan” what could have been an exciting episode was really more of a so so experience, which has kind of become the MO for this show. I can’t tell if it is just because I am getting used to the pacing and quality of this show or if it has really taken this much of a down turn? this episode should have been so much bigger in terms of depth and overall scope of character growth, and yet it feels as if we are just staying above water until the big endgame at this point. If this really is the final push against, it doesn’t really manage to capture the darkness and despair of the entire affair. If anything this episode just feels like another excursion and that is not great.

As I was saying the sense of urgency in this episode is really non existent to the point that the scope of the episode is actually a huge fail. I mean you are a few days away from the end of the world and you are spending your time on infiltration and theft rather than just going for the full on kill. That is just stupid, I mean once you have the weapon savage should have been abducted and murdered. As was said the team is basically a bunch of bungling idiots and everything there do doesn’t add up to them being legends. Even in their biggest moments of making a grab at Savage they managed to have it all fall apart as if it were nothing. I was hoping that Rip or someone would at least have some sort of contingency plan, but as soon as Carter showed up all ideas go out the window. It was just so disheartening, at least Oliver and Barry look semi-competent when their plans fall apart. This team doesn’t even make it to the semi part of the who affair.

Similarly despite how cool it was seeing Cassandra and Snart bond there was really no big moment for her as a character. I mean Snart’s reveal that the team had video of Savage wanting to release the virus was cool and all, but at no point did I ever feel like there was a natural bond between Savage and his daughter. I mean Casper Crump really did sell the hell out of being betrayed by Cassandra and gloating that he had Carter in the palm of his hand, but the overall tension in the episode was really undone by the giant robot. Sure it was a really cool visual and all but the threat of the giant robot and the sight of fully CGI Ray were just off putting with this episode. I could have easily been Vandal’s army vs Jax and Ray and it would have been at least slightly more satisfying.

As for the actual quality parts of tonights episode Rip and Snart both had their moments here and there. I liked learning that Rip had indeed tried to save his family multiple times only to have them die each attempt. It shows that even Rip’s never give up attitude towards altering the past can be broken when the right amount of emotional suffering is on display. It also soberingly puts into perspective just how many times Rip has watched that video of his family saying good bye. How he has not managed to snap at the team more than he already has is absolutely astounding. Similarly, watching Snart manipulate Cassandra was enjoyable enough until she ended being a super bland and uninteresting character. We know that this show is capable of doing better characterization, the guest stars should never be the weaker links in any show.

One surprising aspect of this episode was the fact Kendra’s maturation finally reached it’s seemingly full potential. Watch her come to the solution to coat the mace and seeing her kick Vandal’s ass was something to behold. It was nice to see that all of the training and effort that we have seen throughout the season hasn’t gone to waste. Since Kendra has consistently been the weakest part of the entire series, it was incredibly satisfying to see her get her due. At least until she screwed it up by not killing Vandal. I mean sure Carter is brainwashed, but so was Mick and we have pretty much solved that entire issue. It is probably going to be a whole power of love returns his memory scenario and that really undercuts Kendra’s growth, but hey at least Carter is back on the ship.

Overall it was an ok episode, just not quite where it needed to be.

Final Grade B-

+Kendra being a badass

+Rip’s emotional turmoil

+Casper Crump’s Vandal being a “loving” father

-Cassandra was a weak card

-Kendra not finishing Vandal

-The giant robot fight

Extra Thoughts

-So Vandal is clearly jealous of Ray as this is like the fifth time he has tried to use Ray’s own tech against him.

-Vandal is now a man out of time, this will bite everyone in the ass.

-So Carter died out of time. How in the hell was he able to reincarnate? I thought both Kendra and Carter needed to die for the process to begin anew.

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