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REVIEW: Supergirl 1×19 “Myriad”

Y’know, I’m pretty upset that Supergirl hasn’t been renewed for a second season yet. It appears that the show is leading up to a grand finale next week, but I wish they could continue the story. There’s so much potential within the show that is ultimately going to waste. Tonight’s episode of Supergirl, “Myriad”, was pretty entertaining, and it definitely got me amped up for next week’s finale. (spoilers ahead!)

Last episodes, we saw how the citizens of National City have seemingly been hypnotized and turned into mindless drones (all that reality TV, am I right?). This episode kicks off with a hypnotized Lucy Lane enacting a DEO protocol that would eventually release all the imprisoned Fort Rozz escapees. I thought it was a little odd that the release mechanism had a countdown. Like, what’s the point? It seemed like such an arbitrary way for them to delay the release so that Supergirl could show up and save the day. But I’m not complaining too much since Supergirl’s arrival was one of the highlights of the entire episode.

SG arrives just as Lucy releases Maxima, a super-powered alien who was romantically rejected by Superman and thus has a major vendetta against the Kryptonian and his cousin. Supergirl and Maxima duke it out before SG gets the upper hand and manages to (predictably) stop the countdown just in the nick of time. Two things I’m curious about regarding this scenario: first, why did they just introduce Maxima in the penultimate episode? Were they planning to have her act as a major villain in the second season? Also, Non ordered Lucy Lane to release all the prisoners except the White Martian. Does that mean the White Martian could also be a potential second season villain? Or maybe she could ally herself with Kara in the future? I think this entire scenario was orchestrated primarily as a lead-in to Season 2 (if we ever get one).

When Supergirl flies to the Fortress of Solitude to ask her cousin for assistance, she learns that he’s busy dealing with an issue on another world (of course). Speaking with a hologram of her mother, she discovers the truth behind Myriad, a mind-control system that Non and Astra had used back on Krypton, which led to their arrest. Supergirl then flies to CatCo and finds all of her workers silently typing away at their computers, completely oblivious to the outside world. Outside the office, thousands of National City citizens are slowly shambling down the street in a similar drone-like state. Even Superman himself shows up and joins the hypnotized crowd before we get a chance to see him up close. I thought this was a big cop-out for the show to keep Superman in the dark. We’ve been teased with the Man of Steel since the very first episode. Can’t they finally reveal his face? Or are they just going to keep dangling him in front of our eyes forever?

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 9.40.25 PM

At CatCo, SG discovers that two other people in the city haven’t been affected: Cat Grant and Maxwell Lord. The latter reveals how he created special inhibitors that prevent him from being hypnotized by Myriad (Non is using Lord’s satellites to broadcast his signal). Those same inhibitors are in Cat’s new earrings, courtesy of Maxwell. Supergirl asks why she was unaffected and why her cousin wasn’t so lucky. Basically, it boils down to the whole nature vs. nurture, and since Superman was raised on Earth since he was a baby, his brain is more in-tune with humans. Again, how convenient is this situation for our hero? I’ll give the show credit for being so creative, but the convenience is just… wow.

Outside of National City, we finally learn what happened with Alex and J’onn. Last we saw, they were on the run from the DEO. In this episode, they seek refuge at Alex’s childhood home with Eliza Danvers. Eliza is initially untrusting of J’onn because she believes he was responsible for Jeremiah’s death, but Alex clears the air and explains how he was actually the one who saved him. The two eventually bond and become quick friends in a rushed subplot that could’ve been slightly expanded if there was more time. J’onn and Alex head to National City, with the Martian protecting Alex’s mind from being hypnotized by Myriad.

Back at CatCo, Non (now allied with Indigo) explains his whole reasoning behind Myriad. He wants to unify the people of the world to work to save the planet. He believes that everyone is so consumed with materialism and politics and whatnot that they’re too distracted from the real problems plaguing the planet. With Myriad, there are no conflicting sides. Everyone is a part of a single entity with a common goal to save Earth. I thought this revelation was timed perfectly given the current political climate in the U.S.. It’s almost like the show’s creators were trying to make a statement towards the country. Basically, get your heads out of your asses and work on saving the planet instead of arguing over stupid stuff.

Also, I can’t help but agree with Non in a way. Sure, mind-control isn’t cool, but he’s got some good intentions. Supergirl believes that what he’s doing is wrong, and that it goes against what Astra really wanted. Non then forces James, Winn, and a random coworker to all leap off the balcony of CatCo. Supergirl saves her two friends, but the other coworker isn’t so lucky. It’s funny (in a dark, twisted way) how they killed off this coworker. I don’t think we ever saw Kara interact with her (at least not in a significant way), and the show just threw her off the balcony to create drama and tension. I would’ve given the show major credit if it had the guts to actually kill off either James or Winn. Nope, let’s just kill an extra.

So how does Supergirl plan to stop Non and Indigo? Maxwell proposes that they drop a Kryptonite bomb on the city, killing the Kryptonians but also potentially slaughtering thousands of innocent civilians. It reminds me of Ozymandias’s motivation from Watchmen – kill millions to save billions. So is Maxwell really a full-on villain, or just a darker version of a hero? I’m personally going to say villain, and I think he’s another potential Big Bad for the next season (if the show gets renewed).

My favorite part of the episode (outside of the opening fight) is when J’onn and Alex confront Indigo. We’re treated to a neat little fight scene between the Martian and the Brainiac, but at the last minute, Indigo stabs J’onn through the chest. I really, really hope he’s not dead. You can’t kill off the Martian Manhunter that easily. Send him to another planet. Have him join the Justice League and slowly phase out of the show. Do ANYTHING, but please don’t kill him so easily. It’s about as dumb as when they killed Amanda Waller on Arrow. They need to stop giving these bad-asses such unceremonious deaths.

With J’onn dead, Indigo kidnaps Alex and uses Myriad to turn her against her sister. The episode concludes with a hypnotized Alex donning Kryptonian armor and facing off against Supergirl. I think the finale will have Alex fighting to regain control of her mind and sacrificing herself to stop Myriad and/or Maxwell’s Kryptonite bomb. If next week’s finale is truly the end-all for the series, there better be a big payoff!

Final Grade: B +

+ That opening fight scene was great.

+ I’m happy to see J’onn kicking some ass this episode!

+ Great performances all around.

– They better not have killed off J’onn!

– Non’s development is still paper-thin, even with the explanation in this episode.

– Why the hell does the DEO have a countdown on their “prisoner release” mechanism?

Extra Thoughts:

– I hope we actually see Superman up close by the season finale.

– I think Alex will die by the finale.

Did you enjoy this episode of Supergirl? What do you think will happen in next week’s finale? Tell us your thoughts in the comments or on Twitter!

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