TRAILER: Game of Thrones Season 6

We’ve been promised since 2011 that winter was in fact coming. On April 24th, 2016, drape yourself in the finest direwolf pelts and pray to the Many Faced God you can handle cold weather better than Stannis Baratheon. Season 6 of Game of Thrones is upon us, and with it a new trailer to get fans back in Westeros, Meereen, and wherever the hell Drogon landed exactly with Daenerys Targaryen.

Season 5’s “Mother’s Mercy” left many of our characters out in ambiguous territory. However, it’s final moment has apparently become the most controversial and uncertain, although it seemed pretty damn final to me. The trailer, and as I suspect, the first episode of Season 6, begins with the aftermath of Jon Snow’s death at the Wall. Or, if I remember correctly, how great warrior/caring Lord Commander Jon Snow undeservedly went out like a little bitch at the hands of his own Night’s Watch. As it stands now, with Jon Snow gone, the shaky bridge between the Night’s Watch and the Wildlings is destroyed. Will they fight together once the White Walkers come knocking or kill each other beforehand?

Meanwhile, Tyrion has become placeholder ruler over Meereen until The Mother of Dragons convinces Drogon to fly her back home. The old masters of Meereen see this as an opportunity to take back their city, and clearly they don’t see Tyrion as any sort of threat. We the audience know that Tyrion loves playing this game, almost as much he loves drinking wine. Some of my favorite moments from GOT were when Tyrion was the hand to King Joffrey way back in Season 2, so any instance of Tyrion with political power is bound to be entertaining. He will have much to contend with this season, with not just the old masters, but with the Sons of the Harpy making another appearance, and a mysterious new Red Woman doing her best Melisandre impression, hopefully he does more talking than drinking.

In King’s Landing, the battle wages on between the crown and church. Cersei’s plan to be rid of the Tyrells by arming the High Sparrow with more authority completely backfired on her. With her feet bloodied and Lannister pride shamed, Cersei is most certainly like her father, and will likely spend her season reclaiming King’s Landing. King Tommen may actually act like a King to free his beloved Margery and her brother from prison, though he will still be under his mother’s thumb. Jamie has returned, possibly with a dead body, and he’s back in the battlefield and throwing out perfectly polite death threats. Jamie in Dorne was a sluggish plot from last season, so him in Lannister armor is a welcomed sight.

Perhaps no one is in a worse off position than Daenerys (even a blind Arya). She finds herself back to where she was in Season 1, with the Dothraki. She’s not the timid girl from Season 1, but she’s also not their Khaleesi anymore, no matter how many times Jorah calls her this. Her transition from queen to prisoner does not appear to go swimmingly with her clothes being teared from her body, but hopefully Drogon will stay with her until she’s found.

While Daenerys may be losing her power, Sansa Stark is on a quest to reclaim the North. And the North remembers. Sansa has been tossed around from being a Lannister prisoner to a Bolton prisoner, but when she is free, on her own, she shines. Her plight for the North appears to gather her new allies, with possibly Ser Davos now being among her party. She also can handle a fall from the castle wall better than Bran Stark.

Arya, like Sansa, is consumed by what was taken from her. However, while this fuels Sansa it’s proven to be deadly for Arya. Now blinded with no third chance, if she wants to become a servant to the Many Faced God, she needs to become no one. But as we saw last season, Arya was unable to destroy her sword Needle, instead tucking it away in some rocks, proving she’s not ready to give up the Stark name.

We see flashes of faces we haven’t seen for some time. Bran Stark is back, as well as Yara, Theon’s sister. Poor Jorah, the greyscale is spreading and it is certain it will claim his life. When it does, it will probably be some excruciating moment just before he finds Daenerys. Brienne and Podrick find themselves in The Riverlands, with a hint of a Jamie-Brienne reunion.

The entire trailer is underscored with men chanting, prepping for war. Season 6 of GOT promises to be soiled in blood shed, with Boltons, Lannisters, and Starks fighting for triumph and glory. Everyone is at war, but most of the population is blissfully unaware of the White Walkers in their backyard. Finally, they are here. They’ve been teased since the first scene in Season 1, and the droplet given in Season 5 when they dropped in unannounced at the Wildlings camp is only a fraction of their power. At this point, I don’t care if they wipe out the Night’s Watch. But everyone in the South, including the Wildings, have better brace themselves. George R. R. Martin is not afraid to take lives.

Are you emotionally ready to take on Season 6 of Game of Thrones? What was your favorite moment from the trailer? Send a Raven with your thoughts/sneaky plans below or at our Twitter page!

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