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6 Things We Want From Legends of Tomorrow’s Second Season

Legends of Tomorrow’s first season is a fun trip through time with loads of character development and team screw-ups. How many times will the team actually attempt to screw up the timeline before Rip literally has a meltdown? Will they ever actually beat Vandal Savage? Are the Time Masters’ hit squads going to catch up with them? Will they actually accomplish anything important? There are a lot of things that we would like to see in the second season. I picked six reasons that I thought were the best.

6. Booster Gold and Blue Beetle


Booster Gold is canonically Rip Hunter’s father. Would it not just be hilarious for a time-traveling Booster Gold, with his bff Blue Beetle, to wind up appearing in one of the time periods that the team was in? Booster Gold is so horrified and yet so proud of his son. Booster Gold and Ted Kord’s Blue Beetle are a fun duo. I can see them fitting right in the team.

With Booster Gold’s arrival, I’m sure that there will be more flashbacks about Rip’s early years. Why did Rip want to become a Time Master in the first place? Did he want Booster’s approval or want to prove better than his father? An exploration into a father-son relationship would be interesting and add another layer to Rip Hunter’s character and history. Even better, I bet Booster would totally support Rip if only he got to see his grandson Jonah again.

5. Crossovers with Arrow and Flash


Crossovers with Arrow and Flash are bound to happen. The Flash made at least four trips back in time within his first two seasons. Green Arrow would probably be a curmudgeon about time travel and be generally exasperated with the Legends team. Anyone up for a reunion between Captain Cold and the Flash? Or a reunion between the Lance sisters?

A three episode crossover (one episode in each series) would be super exciting and could definitely had major consequences on the mission towards riding the world of Vandal Savage. There just so much possibility with Legends having crossover episodes.

4. More Time Travel Shenanigans


Time travel is generally fun and just as equally as serious (you know because they could possibly break the timeline). The team is just out-of-place whenever they are—especially in 1871 Old West. They cause a ruckus all the time, despite Rip’s pleas to the contrary. And I kind of want to see them go to Ancient Egypt or somewhere equally far off. They can also journey to Rip’s time to see all the destruction and damage by mistake or some such.

Time travel opens Legends to grand possibilities and stories.

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