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Captain America’s Top 6 Moments in Civil War

There’s something special about the events that unfold in Captain America: Civil War. And that’s the simple fact that no one is completely in the right throughout the entire film. One of the issues with the Civil War comic was the appearance that Steve Rogers appeared to be, for the most part, right in the overall argument of whether or not superheroes should be required to register with the government and reveal their identities.

But Captain America: Civil War is not so black and white. Not one character makes good choices throughout the film on a consistent level. And Steve Rogers is no exception. He makes plenty of mistakes throughout the film, to the point where giving him a “Top 6 Moments” list feels wrong. Which is really saying something considering he’s the title character. None the less, here are some of his best moments throughout Captain America: Civil War.

6. Bucky and Cap’s Reunion


It’s a moment we’ve been waiting for since Captain America: The Winter SoldierAnd it delivers. A sense of urgency is established right away which allows for the two to have a brief but poignant reunion. It establishes Steve’s attempt to end things peacefully both as a preference to his childhood friend but also due to the amount of carnage the Avengers have been creating lately. And it also points out that Steve truly was the only one who had any chance of creating as little bloodshed as possible in the capture of Bucky.

But more importantly, it’s an establishment of their friendship and reiterates the idea that Captain America is not just a symbol of America but also the war veteran we all know and love.

5. He Goes Rogue to Stop the Villain


Captain America always seems to be his best when he is resilient towards his fight for what he believes is the right thing to do. As Civil War demonstrated, that also at times becomes his worst quality. While he proves to be selfish in the beginning as he tries to desperately save Bucky, when the tables turn and it’s discovered there’s more than meets the eye, we really see Captain America in all his glory. When no one believes him and there’s no time to wait for government clearance, Captain America rises to the challenge.

As the big battle is about to commence, Captain America isn’t afraid to lead the charge into battle. And it’s just as awesome as we anticipated it to be.

4. His Interactions with Spider-Man


With only one battle to really highlight Spider-Man’s moments, we sure get a lot of great ones. And one of the better ones is his interaction with Captain America. He doesn’t treat Spider-Man like a child, he treats him with the respect as though he is a young soldier. Most likely because he sees a lot of his eagerness and youth in Spider-Man. In the little dialogue that they have together, Captain America is able to form the beginning of a bond with the young Peter Parker. And this is also all while they are fighting. It’s exactly the kind of charm we expect from Captain America.

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