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REVIEW: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 3×19 “Failed Experiments”

If your main interest where Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is concerned is on Hive and the backstory behind how he came to be, “Failed Experiments,” is most definitely the episode for you. This week was all about the original Inhuman and his less than ideal relationship with the Kree and, while much of it pertained to the past, the information gleaned is very much focused on the future.

Spoilers ahead!

After detailing the manner in which the Kree captured and experimented on him, Hive reveals that his big plan involves recreating said experiment with the help of Dr. Radcliffe and his growing Inhuman posse. The goal? To create new Inhumans in the same manner that Hive himself was made.

The first trial doesn’t go as well as the gang hoped, unless they were hoping for their Hydra test subjects to melt from the inside out, and reaffirmed that the main reason for the success of Hive’s formation was the blue alien blood donors responsible for it. So Hive whips out the mystery Kree orb, which is actually just some sort of beacon device, and calls the blue angels back down to earth.

He orders his protégé to make good on her promise to rip out the hearts of anyone who tries to hurt him and demands that she keep one of the Kree alive so that Radcliffe can drain it of its blood.

Easier said than done considering Hive and his Inhumans aren’t the only ones in town anymore.

AOS 319 MackMay

May, Mack, and a few nameless S.H.I.E.L.D. agents tracked Daisy down and are on a mission to destroy Hive and, if Mack has anything to say about it, bring their friend home. Mack’s unrelenting desire to save Daisy, and Daisy’s own desire to, “save,” her friends by making them Inhuman, leads to a raw confrontation between the two that ends with both physically and emotionally wounded.

Daisy pummels poor Mack into the ground and even begins using her powers to kill him in the same manner she killed Malick before being stopped by a bullet to the arm courtesy of May.

Back at the base, while Hive is working to increase the number of Inhumans under his control, Fitz and Simmons are doing their utmost to decrease those under Hive’s sway. They’ve developed a potential counteragent to Hive’s parasites but, unfortunately, the only way to test the possible cure requires an Inhuman. Despite receiving a direct order from Coulson to stay the hell away from the lab, Lincoln takes it upon himself to inject the possible cure/possible Inhuman killer in his arm in a bid to play a part in helping Daisy. Despite the valiant effort, it seems that Lincoln’s sacrifice was for naught, as Simmons sternly tells him that his immune system is shot and the antidote didn’t even work.

We end with Hive giving Daisy a lecture about not being trustworthy and failing at the one task she was given due to her lingering connection to those at S.H.I.E.L.D. Visibly shaken by the showdown with her former partner and SO, Daisy vehemently denies any remaining desire to have anything to deal with S.H.I.E.L.D. She proceeds to offer herself to Hive as a living sacrifice for his plan, reminding him that, as his former host knows, she has Kree blood running through her veins thanks to being resurrected by the GH325, and can therefore serve as the blood bank needed to continue their experiments.

AOS 319 Daisy


Honestly, most of what happened in, “Failed Experiments,” was filler stuff that wasn’t all that necessary as far as moving the plot forward goes, but it was still a solid episode that provided some important scenes. Clearly, had Hive thought to use Daisy’s blood from the beginning, there wouldn’t even really been an episode since the Kree would have been unnecessary, but obviously this entire thing was meant to serve as the final straw that would trigger Daisy into complete loyalty. Though she’s been doing Hive’s bidding for a while, this episode put her in a situation where she had to make a definitive choice, which she did by offering up her blood.

For me, this episode was less about this episode and more about the ramifications that it will have. There are only three episodes left, two weeks of viewing since the finale is set to be two hours long, and all of the chaos that has been happening of late is leading towards whatever death has been teased as well as the reveal of Hive’s master plan. With Daisy now fully team-Inhuman, it’s likely that more of her former teammates will suffer from the new alliance.

As Hive would say, “If you were scared before, you should be terrified now.”

Episode Grade: B

Episode Highs:

  • Melinda May. Poor Agent May must be going crazy, surrounded by a bunch of dudes who fail to grasp all of the obvious things that are going on and struggling to clue them in. “Exsqueeze me Lincoln… you’ve been dating Daisy for a hot second where as we have literally been living with her for years. Do not delude yourself into thinking you’re the only person who cares about her.”
  • The confrontation between Mack and Daisy was really important. Because, for much of it, both were just trying to save the other. Sure, Daisy’s version of, “saving,” involved turning Mack into an Inhuman, but the desire to do so stemmed from the fact that she doesn’t want to hurt her friends. Then when she does, it again showed that, though Daisy is still present, her loyalty to Hive now overcomes her loyalty to those at S.H.I.E.L.D.

Episode Lows:

  • Still with the, “Lincoln wants to help, gets told no, tries to help anyway, then fails,” plot? It’s been used in literally every episode of the back half of this season and wasn’t all that interesting in the first place.

Additional Thoughts:

  • While I realize that nothing about this show is necessarily believable, am I actually supposed to believe that this ancient Inhuman who’s been alive for centuries and has all of the knowledge of its previous hosts thought that his best option was calling the only things that can defeat him for the sole purpose of getting their blood when one of his own minions has Kree blood? Really? Really, Hive? Daisy was so game to give you her blood and probably would have been from the beginning if you just asked her.
  • I feel like May will be the fallen agent (kind of have since that first flash forward since the mystery person in space was wearing a S.H.I.E.L.D. suit that I only really ever associate with the Cavalry) and all I can say about it is… NO DON’T LET IT BE MAY!

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