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REVIEW: Arrow 4×20 “Genesis”

You know it’s not a great week when the actual Arrow part of Arrow is actually the worst aspect of the entire episode. I mean Diggle’s rampage at least added something to the plot and got us closer to the endgame, Ollie was as filler as the flashbacks have been this season. So, “Genesis” didn’t completely ruin my brief dimmer of hope, but damn if it didn’t work hard to try its best. I mean at this point we are at one step forward and three steps back in terms of actually progressing the plot and making Oliver feel like a real character. You just have to have him behave rationally like Diggle and actually commit to the cause, but instead we are continually finding ways to nerf our protagonist in favor of the power of friendship. I mean, aren’t we all adults and able to actually to showcase how badass our hero is supposed to be.

So, make no mistakes Diggle is still fucking rad as all hell even when he pusses out multiple times on killing his clearly evil brother. David Ramsey did a really nice job of still showing the conflicted nature of the elder Diggle, and how he is dealing with the fact that not only was he wrong about Andy, but also how it inadvertently led to Laruel’s death. Seeing Diggle struggle to see if there is any small amount of humanity only to realize that Darhk or whatever has stripped away what ever was left of him. I really don’t understand why diggle wasn’t given more to do this season considering how important to no only the team, but how HIVE was supposed to be his villain and he seemingly didn’t matter in the big picture. I look forward to seeing how Diggle plays into the final fight and seeing just how much the team needs him.

On the opposite end of the spectrum we have Oliver and Felicity’s magical mystery tour which once again proves to us that somehow Oliver Queen is the least important character in his own show. I mean it’s not even Oliver managed to master a base level of magic, or that he realized his team is what makes him strong like last season. The power of love is literally what is going to help him defeat a fleet of nuclear missiles, you have got to be shitting me. At least have the team have some sort of actual ingenuity or way to fight back, but no the power of love is going to save the day, screw that. Oliver was supposed to be this badass who is capable of anything and occasionally needs assistance from his friends, but now he can’t even beat a lesser version of the League without some power of love help. Where did our hero go?

The only reason I am letting the big bad Damien Darhk slide in all of this, is because he is actually fun to watch and the fact he has gotten this far is all because Oliver made poor decisions. I mean sure, nuking the entire planet isn’t the most original plan under the sun, hell neither is rebuilding The Truman Show under Star City. However, the fact that Darhk manages to do it with such joy and belief in his cause easily puts him a step above other villains we have dealt with. This also plays into the joke that everyone should just leave Star City in May as now their is literally no safe place to go once Darhk nukes the planet. I do wish that Ollie hadn’t let it get this far due to his own stupidity, but hey we are here now so let’s see how Oliver is supposed to stop every nuke in the world.

Similarly, I was glad that everything Thea has gone through helped her realize that she was in a trap. I mean she pretty much realized things were screwy from the word go and let it all play out, but now you have to wonder what exactly is Thea supposed to do as the inside man in Genesis? Is she going to go full guerrilla warfare and destroy the only safe haven we know of in order to escape and stop HIVE, or is she going to play the bigger game and wait it out more? No matter what happens I am actually happy to see good solid subplots taking place for the other members of the team.

Overall it was an ok episode, but god help us if the power of love is the answer to beating nukes.

Final Grade C+

+Diggle finally killing Andy and the ramifications

+Darhk’s plan is revealed

+Thea being a detective

-The power of love saving the day

-Darhk’s plan is a little uninspired

-No point to the magical mystery tour

Extra Thoughts

-You would think Rip and the team would care about Star City possibly getting nuked. Sara and Ray should just make a list of all the stuff that is supposed to happen in May to Star City.

-Hey Ollie now would be a good time to call Barry and ask for help because you can’t handle nukes. Also, shouldn’t Zoom be worried about all of this?

-So Diggle accidentally shoots Andy through his bullet proof vest and it is insta-death. This isn’t going to cause any lingering issues in the future.

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