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REVIEW: Arrow 4×21 “Monument Point”

So yeah, I guess in terms of a death count Felicity is now at the top of the leaderboard or something. I honestly wasn’t expecting that to happen I totally thought the show would continue shitting the bed and somehow the team would find a way to stop all the nukes or one would be set to Star City and somehow they hack it in the season finale. Nope, a ton of people died and the team is seemingly screwed as Darhk is now supercharged full of magical energy and literally no one should be able to stop him. Look at this point we have become the dumpster fire and it is just a matter of time of watching it burn to the ground. I mean come on “Monument Point” was really a slog for the most part and we still have two more of these, god help us all.

So let’s start with some actual logic because screw it, apparently no one else is worried about this show making sense. The team fails to stop a nuke which is great, I mean it develops the story, proves that the characters are not infallible, and overall makes the big bad more threatening than he already is. Until you actually take a second and look at the map where the nuke allegedly went off. So that nuke allegedly went off near Washington DC, even if Felicity did manage to shift the course of the missile the death toll still should have been in the millions with all of the fallout and the range of the missile. I am really hoping someone mentions just how much the team fucked up this week, I mean they killed millions of people and no one seems to care. I am assuming there will be some sort of fallout in the form of a self hating Felicity, but that really doesn’t make up for everything that happened this week.

As for the actual plot this week as far as redeeming the villains go I could really care less about The Calculator. I mean overall he had some good moments of trying to bond with Felicity and working to save the day, but in the end what was actually accomplished? His whole purpose was to stop the nukes and they couldn’t even do that, it makes it seem as if his whole purpose, being a foil for Felicity added up to nothing. Also, wouldn’t it have been a good idea to bring in the other super talented hackers like Cisco and oh I don’t know Curtis. I have a feeling he would be totally up for stoping a ton of nukes and saving the day. It just managed to feel like a huge waste of a character, granted not exactly the best character but still there should have been more to his arc.

Speaking of wasted characters who the hell asked for Anarky to come back. I mean of all the character that have been introduced this year Anarky has easily been the weakest and given the worst possible narratives. I mean his fetish with Thea was taken to a whole new level as he killed off Alex in his attempt to liberate her. There just has to be a better way to write this character as of right now he is not even useless, he is just frustratingly annoying. Especially when he managed to nerf Thea and Merlyn, two of the most accomplished fighters in this entire show. If you are going to make Anarky crazy just go full bore, because as of right now his is just a whiny bitch who subtracts time from actual interesting characters.

The only part of the episode I managed to not be annoyed by was the actual heist in Palmer Tech and the overall fight choreography. The overall staging was fun and watching Oliver try to be sneak and take out the guards was enjoyable enough to watch. I mean this was the highlight as multiple past villains, Brick and Murmur, made return appearances only to become punching bags. Remember last year when Brick nearly brought the entire city to it’s knees? Yeah, he got completely nerfed into becoming a henchman of Darhk’s like it was nothing. I mean its like the show doesn’t even respect its own storylines at some points and just wants to do whatever it wants. At least The Flash and Legends have some sort of cohesive plotting going on.

I really just want this season to be over, because Arrow has failed it’s viewers and need a full genesis to become good again.

Final Grade C-

+A nuke actually hit

+Fights were ok

-No logic in the nuke fallout

-Anarky. Seriously fuck this guy

-Alex died the way he lived, being unimportant

-Donna, everything involving Donna

-The Calculator poorly used

Extra Thoughts

-At least the DJ didn’t go out like a chump. Alex was entirely useless.

-Felicity lost her company, it’s not like she was using it for anything.

-Seriously how is no one more freaked out about the nuke going off near Washington DC?

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