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REVIEW: Arrow 4×22 “Lost in the Flood”

God this just needs end. Not for me but for everyone involved because boy it is time for a reboot, like a hard reboot. Who knows maybe at the end of the season Darhk will succeed in nuking the entire world sans Central City, but until then boy do we have some issues. It’s not enough for a main character to nuke an entire city. Now we have to have the entire cast pretend that everything is ok and that this wasn’t a huge deal. Oh, also our super secret base can be destroyed with the equivalent of a paper cut. This is where our show has gone I can just imagine Barry being all confused that Oliver allowed this to happen and didn’t seek out any assistance from his friends. I mean at this point why does Oliver even attempt to protect his city when he knows that even some of the citizens don’t want him to.

So, let’s start with the fallout from last week as there really wasn’t any and Felicity and the team just all of a sudden went back to work, attempting to stop Darhk again. This would normally be fine, work the problem in front of you not the one behind you, but the show went with the nuclear option and is choosing not to address it because it would make people feel sad about a character. You can be sure if Oliver killed someone we would never hear the end of it, same thing goes for when Diggle killed his brother. I am not saying Darhk isn’t an important issue but the show chose to kill tens of thousands of people and seemingly no one care because it does not involve them. That is the sign of a sociopath or psychopath to seemingly not show any remorse for what happened. I mean at least mention that you know something horrible has happened, but that worse is coming or something.

Similarly we had really weak villains this week and by weak I mean we couldn’t settle on a villain for the team to focus on. I mean we had Anarky, Darhk, Brother Eye, Merlyn, Thea for a little bit. That is not what is supposed to be happening the week before your finale, you should be squarely focused on the big bad and their sidekick. Not a bunch of random weaker villains that dilute the entire plot. I mean most of these villains had their merits with the exception of Brother Eye who is possibly the second worst villain behind Anarky, but that is besides the point. The plot needs focus, it needs to have a purpose and a villain who drives that purpose. Instead we are dealing with Anarky’s anger issues, Brother Eye’s resentment issues, Merlyn’s loyalty issues, and whatever the hell Darhk was up to. At least on Legends of Tomorrow and The Flash I have a vague idea about the plot going into the episode this week the focus was clearly not there.

As far as the good stuff in the episode goes, damn if we didn’t have some fine action tonight as Ollie and Diggle raided the ark. Ollie was shooting arrows, Diggle was shooting bullets, there were flips and it was in daylight. Overall it was just a fun scene to watch the same way Anarky’s “fight” was slightly enjoyable. I mean I have no idea how Anarky is able to effectively battle the three most well trained fighters on the show, but I guess that is ok considering everything that happened. I am bummed that Anarky has seemingly made it out of this season alive as he has been a spectacular waste of a character who never really achieved or frankly strived to be anything. It’s funny he has left the same way he came in, being completely irrelevant to the plot as a whole.

In the same vein we now have Darhk completely unhinged and willing to burn the entire world as his wife is now dead and he has no idea where his daughter is. At this point I have no idea as to why Oliver would want to be the mayor due to their incredibly short term expectancy, but seeing Ruve get shanked and Darhk say he is going to bring hell on earth is a pretty compelling scene. I just hope this doesn’t flounder the same way Ra’s did at the end of last season as Darhk has been pretty fun to watch largely due to Neal McDonough being so compelling to watch. The question just becomes how is Darhk going to nuke the entire world without Rubicon, hell I am at least slightly prepared for this asspull.

At this point the dumpster fire is burning strong. Lets see how much gasoline is thrown on there for the big finale.

Final Grade C

+The raid on the arc

+Ruve being killed

+Darhk still a fun villain

-Hackathon 2016, what a waste

-So many villains and not enough focus

-Thea coming out of the trance so easily

-Smoak family drama. Who cares?

-No repercussions for the nuke so far.

Extra Thoughts

-On the island they mentioned Kovar!!! Please don’t fuck up Red Star, I have been waiting three years for Red Star.

-Curtis was about the only redeeming quality of the Smoak family drama. Seriously why are we hanging out with these characters if they are not interesting.

-Is Darhk’s kid supposed to look that creepy or is it just the way they are shooting the actress?

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