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REVIEW: Game of Thrones 6×05 “The Door”

This week’s Game of Thrones was, it has to be said, a fairly emotional one.  It all began with wonderful, resilient Sansa standing up to Littlefinger and making him face what had happened to her – as she said, he knew all of it would happen. He just didn’t care. He still doesn’t, and that titbit of information he fed her about the supposed Tully army is not something I’d feel all that happy about trusting. All the same, I admired Sansa’s bravery as she flat-out refused to stay quiet about her rape. It was a powerful scene and Sophie Turner is doing a great job with this character and portraying the way the world has changed her over the seasons. More Sansa please!

On the other hand, I would be pretty happy to see less of the other Stark sister. I still find myself bored by Arya’s storyline, I don’t want to see more stick fighting and I don’t care that Jaquen H’ghar likes to murder people and call it a god-endorsed business. Please. Just. Stop. Actually, that sentence is something I was also shouting at the television during the play that Arya went to see. Ok, it was amusing at first but that scene lasted way too long! I think the writers could have shown what they were going for a little more quickly – namely the popular view in Braavos seems to be that Ned was the bad guy, and Arya obviously can’t be all that dedicated to the Many-Faced God if the play bothered her. A girl with devotion would not care.

Moving on, we suddenly and shockingly learn the entire origin of the White Walkers! Those pesky Children of the Forest thought they’d be super helpful in the war against humanity. Oh good. Pity they lost control of them at some point down the line. It’s great that Bran is learning something useful this time but I’d still like to retract my previous support for him as king. I’m back on team Margaery + Daenerys but now with added Sansa. That’d be interesting.

Actually, while we’re on the topic of women I was supporting from some throne or other, I’d like to take a moment to boo Euron Greyjoy, the annoying younger brother of Balon. Yara’s excellent claim to the throne was going so well – Theon’s speech in support of her was actually quite moving – but of course, nothing is that easy. Euron won it the moment he used the words ‘iron price’ – the Iron Islands, everybody, the only place you can make regicide into a great reason to vote for you. I mean, well done to him, and at least he was honest about murdering Balon. But seriously. That lunatic in charge? He thinks he’s the sea half the time. I have to admit; his plan is pretty interesting – sail over to Daenerys, get her to hop on board in more ways than one and Westeros is theirs! Personally I hope she kills him and keeps his ships but, we’ll see. In a slight side note, I am glad Yara and Theon escaped but how did they take that many ships?!


In Essos, Ser Jorah is finally revealing his love for Daenerys. It’s a surprise to exactly no one but it was still very sweet to hear him finally say it. There’s a chance he was admitting it more to himself than to anyone else! It’s nice Daenerys wants him back and I’m wondering what we’ll see of this character from now on – I’m presuming he’ll find the cure or this will be a very sad anti-climax of an ending for Jorah the Andal.

As it so often does, my favourite quote this week came from Tyrion when he responded to Varys with the question “Who said anything about ‘him’?” Which kinda sums up for show for me lately: a lot of the power players right now are women after all! Excellent, carry on. I was very amused by Varys going wildly off-book with his questioning of the priestess; Tyrion’s expression in this scene was priceless. Despite the questioning, the priestess knew her stuff and managed to silence even the Lord of Whispers. This is potentially a very interesting new angle of support for Daenerys but I can’t help but wonder whether it will lead to pressure on her to declare faith in the Lord of Light which could serve to alienate some of her other followers.

Back in the west, Davos is proving to be a fairly helpful guy to have around even if Sansa can’t believe how little he knows about the North. During this scene I found myself starting to feel hopeful, imagining the remaining Starks rallying the rest of the northerners to their cause and taking back Winterfell. Then I remembered that I was watching Game of Thrones. So that’s probably doomed (I’m so hoping I’m wrong! In a show where it has become utterly predictable that the worst will happen, I’m really hoping they’ll surprise me by not doing that!) Either way, marching off on information giving by Littlefinger is probably not a fabulous start. Good luck to them.

And here we are. At the end. At the terrible, terrible moment when we lost another innocent soul to the high death count of Game of Thrones. Bran royally messed up here, taking a sneaky trip into White Walker based flashbacks, and getting the attention of the King. Oops. I did wonder, when Bran was walking through the Walkers’ reanimated minions, whether we’d finally get an answer about what happened to Benjen Stark! Still no.

I was once again screaming at the tv for them to hurry up and leave, there was really no time for Bran to become Max Von Sydow right then, jeez people! But no, they hung around a bit longer and look where we ended up: over-warging and bizarrely sending a ripple back through time and becoming the reason Hodor Hodor’ed! And he did so bravely hold that door. And I can’t even call it a sacrifice because Bran was basically puppeting him to do it! Poor, poor Wylis. He will be missed.

Final grade: B+

Extra Thoughts:

  • Rest in peace Summer, yet another direwolf who has fallen protecting her master. I’m starting to think it was just costing too much to keep putting the wolves in the show at this rate!
  • It must have been weird for Balon and Euron’s parents to have had one surprisingly Scandinavian-sounding child. Something they’d have in common with Tywin and Joanna though, I suppose.
  • Imagine if the Kingsmoot had actually just full-on drowned Euron permanently. How embarrassing!
  • I’m not sure how I feel about Jon’s man-bun. I miss the curly days.
  • Brienne’s side-eye when Tormund joined them at the table was one of my absolute favourite things this week – followed by Tormund’s glorious attempt at a smile. That man knows how to woo.

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