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REVIEW: Gotham 2×22 “Transference”

Despite more doppelgänger reveals than an episode of Orphan Black, the latest episode of Gotham was another unsurprising one that did little to spark any interest in a third season.

After subjecting myself to two seasons and forty-four episodes of this show, each one leaving me more bored and disheartened than the last, I have to finally accept the fact that, “the next one,” most decidedly will NOT be better.

I had very low expectations going into this season’s finale and managed to make it the full hour without feeling anything other than complete indifference.

Because, once again, Gotham wasted my time by trying to tie a neat bow around a plot that it struggled to make even marginally interesting.

This was a SEASON FINALE and yet there was no real danger, the few, “issues,” that last episode left us with were dealt with almost immediately and, to be honest, weren’t much of an issue to begin with.

The faux Jim that Strange punted towards the GCPD? Dodgy to the point that EVERYONE was suspicious, and promptly revealed thanks to a sock in the jaw by Barbara.

The REAL Jim, Lucius, and Bruce being held hostage at Indian Hill and questioned by crazies #1 and #2 (Nygma and Strange)? Conveniently got out when Strange and his right-hand lady set a bomb in the labs to make everything, and everyone, in it go boom.

That nasty bomb meant to kill all monsters and all evidence? Diffused luckily by the combined efforts of Jim and Lucius despite the fact that neither of which actually have any real ability to do so.

That bus of Fish Mooney-controlled monsters? Effectively derailed by tag-team Butch and Penguin… Who promptly passed out once he laid eyes on his former friend/boss/nemesis. Fish walks away and some rando opens the bus, allowing the monsters within it to roam free and (I guess?) make the audience worry about what chaos they will reap on Gotham next season.

Also, one of said, “monsters,” was a Bruce Wayne doppelgänger sporting a wig that makes Oliver Queen’s island hair look natural.

And that was it.

After a full season, that was it.

What honestly was the point of anything that happened on Gotham over the course of the past 22 episodes? Remember Silver? Remember the Order of St. Dumas? What was the point. Why tease Mr. Freeze as the 2B’s big bad if he’s really just going to be a barely recurring character who pops up for a minute at a time and serves little to no purpose? Same goes for the utterly uninteresting Firefly. Why make someone as boring, whiny, and barely tolerable as Bruce have some sort of long-lost clone?

Gotham has been a disappointment to me since early in season one and I’ve really struggled to watch it each week. There was the smallest fragment of hope that all of the tedious plots and side plots would actually LEAD to something but, unfortunately, none of them did.

My biggest issue this season has been the fact that nothing has happened on an episodic or a large-scale level. Because nothing happened each episode, absolutely zero transpired in the season as a whole. The focus on Jim’s darkness could have been relevant for an episode or two, but to have it serve as one of the main plot lines of the entire season just solidified him as an unlike able character whose focus on himself was annoying and detrimental to those around him. The same can be said for Bruce, who is also largely responsible for much of the issues that the characters dealt with (in a boring fashion) over the course of the season. The two central characters of the show understandably got the most screen time but, because of their portrayal, I was left lamenting the fact that we only got a minute or two each episode of the characters that I can still tolerate, and sometimes even enjoy.

Overall, the Gotham finale perfectly encapsulated the season as a whole.

It was a disappointing finish to a season that had a disappointing start and a disappointing middle, and was the final push I needed to give up the show for good.

Finale Grade: D

Season Grade: C-


What did you think about the Gotham finale? Did it have you excited about next season, or are you dreading it like me? Sound off in the comments below or on Twitter!

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