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REVIEW: Legends of Tomorrow 1×15 “Destiny”

Man that was a good episode, I mean I am distraught that it all ended that way, but man if it wasn’t enjoyable seeing the majority of it play out. “Destiny” when you get down to it makes the entirety of our show seem kind of pointless. Everybody is being controlled, the reason the team didn’t screw with Savage as much as they should’ve is because they were being controlled, and now everything is leading to one gigantic clusterfuck. I think that is what I actually like about this show, unlike Arrow who is making up the map as it goes, some of this actually feels like the natural conclusion to the arc which was taking place. The choice could have been made by many different members of the Waverider’s crew, but the choice of Snart and the effect it will have on the other members of the team moving forward is what makes this exciting.

So let’s talk about the big moment, Snart’s sacrifice and what it means to the team. Like I said it really could have been anyone on the crew to make the big sacrifice. Mick had his vendetta, Ray wanted to become a legend, hell even Rip could just as a way to get back at the time masters for all of the shit they pulled. However, for it to be Snart gives the team drive and motivation that they really didn’t have before. Everyone is united in a single cause stopping Savage and getting revenge on the time masters for screwing with everything. Sure it is the same goal we have been dealing with since episode one but it feels way more real and viable than when we had Carter killed in episode two.I also really enjoyed Snart’s evolution over the course of the season as he went from only out for himself to actually caring about the others and what happened to them. Also there is an old saying “No body, no crime Shawn”.

At the same time we also had a really great plot involving Jax showing past Stein just how much he has grown over the course of their adventures. It really helped to nail down why Stein was so adamant to bring Jax for reasons other than being the most powerful weapon on the team. Jax needed to grow up in the same way Stein did and by completely venturing out of their comfort zones they were able to become something greater than what they were. Jax has gained maturity and intellect rivaling Ray as well as a sense of adventure and family rivaling Snart’s own love for the rouges. Stein has matured as well and is now not a completely self involved, narcissistic, asshole. Neither of them would have been able to become what they have without the team, and without all of the various adventures they have had through the time stream. Now, at the moment of their final fight with savage they are truly at their strongest.

I also really enjoyed Rip’s arc tonight as he went from being without hope to the debonair captain we all know and love. Sure, was it cheesy for the time masters to be the architects of Rip’s misery? Of course, but they way it was built up into allowing the other members of the team to take charge made it all worth it. Sara has become the leader and hero she was always meant to be. Ray showed ingenuity and creativity that clearly wasn’t on display during his time on Arrow. Hell, even Mick learned that the philosophy of the rouges being a family doesn’t only extend to him and Snart. These tiny steps were allowed due to well developed arcs and Rip’s well timed breakdown. Also, damn if Rip’s realization that he could never save his family wasn’t heartbreaking. He actually believed that with this team he stood a chance of saving them so damn if he didn’t make me sad listening one more time to the fact his family is dead.

Through out it all this episode managed to have such a grand scope and show of spectacle that it would have been easy to believe this was the finale. I mean everything to the raid on the time masters to the final fight at the oculus was just great. Especially when you consider just how little of Savage and Kendra we actually had this week. I know they are saving up Savage for something big, but now that he has free reign to basically be the worst in the timeline you would think the time masters would be slightly more proactive than they are being right now. Hopefully the finale lives up to the hype we had this week.

Overall a nearly perfect episode. Now onto the big finale and finding out who the big secret hero is.

Final Grade A-

+Excellent character work all around

+Great visual sense to the episode

+Snart’s last stand

+Rip being unable to save his family

-Lack of Savage and the Hawks

Extra Thoughts

-So the only reason Savage is allowed to rise to power is due to a Thanagarian invasion. Smart money is on the leaders being evil Carter and Kendra.

-The moment when Mick curb stomps a time master may be my favorite of the episode. Second is Jax and Stein fusing, it was a nice bro moment.

-So Wentworth Miller is going to apparently be a regular in the DCTV universe moving forward. Everyone gets to play with the campiness.

-So now that Supergirl is officially a CW show, shotty on Martian Manhunter being on the crew next year and taking all of Firestorm’s budget. It’s not like he even uses it to transmute anything.

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