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REVIEW: The Flash 2×20 “Rupture”

Hey everyone remember how season two of Young Justice ended with Wally getting absorbed into the speedforce? It’s just like that only this time we actually get to see what comes next, hooray. So yeah, “Rupture” also known as holy shit how long can we stall Barry getting his powers back, before people begin to care. I mean the episode in itself was a quality episode with some drama, character growth, and Zoom being absolutely terrifying. However, at the end of the day this was merely a stopgap for Barry fighting Zoom, and frankly it’s getting a little tiresome. I mean hell there were a lot more whys as Barry taking his sweet time to gain back his abilities, but none of them felt truly rewarding when Wells was making valid points about fighting back. Let alone it was pretty obvious Zoom is not going to be a benevolent ruler in comparison to whatever the hell else is coming down the pipe.

So for the good stuff, which make no mistake their was plenty of quality to the episode we had Barry engaging with his three fathers. I loved having John Wesley Shipp back and having him be the moral compass to Barry as Joe had no true understanding of how bad things were going to get. I also enjoyed that Wells was getting fed up with Barry and everyone not listening to him about Zoom. I mean Wells has had to live through everything that Zoom has done and all the terror he has wrought. Why in the hell wouldn’t you heed his advice? I also really enjoyed that Joe had no idea of what Barry should and shouldn’t do. Considering Joe is always supposed to have the answer, for him to be way out of his comfort zone was a massive change of pace. Each of these men’s interactions with Barry manages to inform a different aspect of his personality, and that is always a joy to watch.

Same goes for Cisco who is clearly developing into a more well rounded character than we were originally led to believe. I was originally hesitant about Dante coming back as the list of assholes in The Flash is very short and he is kind of at the top of the list. Luckily this episode managed to make the most of him in both Earth-1’s douchebag and Earth-2’s Rupture. Seeing Cisco struggle to realize that he family probably wouldn’t have cared all that much if he had indeed died on Earth-2 is kind of heartbreaking. Especially when you consider that the members of STAR Labs care more about him than his actually family. I just hope the reconciliation between him and Dante has some actually backing to it since the entire Rupture character was really poorly used by the show. I mean he only had maybe three real scenes and his motivations were lackluster at best. The episode really could have benefited from a scene where Cisco asks why Dante and him are not like Rupture and Reverb. Sure a little forced but it probably would have played nicely.

Speaking of Rupture as an underused villain, it sure would be nice if The Flash just didn’t kill off all of the dopplegangers this season. I mean damn, Zoom surely is a force to behold but for him to so easily not only kill all of his minions, but subdue the entire city. It kind of makes everyone else he would bring to Earth-1 pointless. I mean it was terrifying watching him murder all of the cops on camera and then inform the city that all of their hope was gone as Barry had been faking the entire save the city thing. However, if these weekly villains are supposed to mean anything they are undercut by constantly being killed off. One of the great joys of last year was that all of the villains were kept alive in the pipeline for the most part. Now they are not even afforded that luxury, and we are losing out on a ton of cool villains we were introduced to. Seriously, the only villains to make it out of the season alive so far are King Shark and Grodd, and one of those two has plot armor.

Luckily with Barry now trapped in the speedforce we are left to wonder who will actually stand against Zoom. With the city unguarded it seems like a really good time to call in the cavalry of Ollie, the Legends, and now seemingly Jesse and Wally who managed to get exposed to the accelerator explosion. I mean Barry can’t be stuck there forever but it is kind of a waste for the team not to look for help when the hero has up and vanished. I mean is Cisco going to step in and go full Vibe or are there other heroes waiting in the wings to save the day and rise to Central City’s aid. Time will tell, I just hope it doesn’t take to long.

Overall it was a really solid episode, but Barry needs to get his speed back ASAP.

Final Grade B+
+Barry’s three dads
+Zoom sending his message again
+Cisco’s storyline

-Rupture killed off like all the other Earth-2 metas
-It’s taking to long for Barry to get his speed back
-Not enough Dante and Cisco to make the turmoil palpable.

Extra thoughts
-To the DP who thought they were being subtle with the Wally/Jesse Yin Yang symbol. It was like a brick.
-Rupture had some really cool effects, to bad he died like all the rest.
-So, Wells is constantly carrying his gun. Did he think someone was going to attack during the experiment or does he just like his gun?

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