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REVIEW: The Flash 2×22 “Invincible”

No one is truly invincible, no one is truly unstoppable, and nothing last forever. Thus we have our lesson from tonight’s episode of The Flash, and boy did it really want to drive that message home before the big finale next week. “Invincible” had a lot to live up to in terms of scope, message, and overall impact to our storyline. I mean the Metapocalypse is an interesting idea, but the sheer scope of everything was not going to be conveyed as easily as Merlyn or Slade, this was hell on earth and more than any villain that we have met at least Zoom was successful. At least for a little while. The question now is where we go from here as Hunter has made his big play, failed and now is forced to go with what I assume is plan B. I mean just how much is he going to screw with Barry’s world until he gets the point that Barry is never going to be evil.

So, lets start with the good stuff. The Metapocalypse was a seriously awesome visual to behold until you realized that we were not going to be able to see all of the metas wreaking havoc on the city. I am pretty sure I saw Atomic Skull, Shimmer, and a few other well known metas mixed into the chaos but we really are not given anytime to get to know any of them besides Black Siren. Make no mistake, Black Siren was hella dope to see and a much better portrayal of Laurel Lance than anything we ever got to see on Arrow. I mean she was fierce, determined, smart, obnoxious, overpowering. Everything you would want to see out of a Black Canary, which makes you wonder why Arrow could never manage to mount any sort of solid story with her outside of the addiction story. I also loved the idea that she was competent and driven enough to consider Cisco and Caitlin’s scheme to overthrow Zoom. Just an all around great episode for Katie Cassidy with hopefully more to come as she is now locked up in Iron Heights.

As for actual character content I really enjoyed a ton of different characters this week. I especially enjoyed Caitlin having PTSD after the time she spent with Zoom and was waffling between her having some sort of Stockholm Syndrome or still being committed to Zoom. Just seeing her deal with the fallout of what Hunter has done to both the team and her was incredibly satisfying and it is possibly some of the best material Danielle Panabaker has been given all season. Hopefully this will all lead to Caitlin being a more well rounded character similar in the vein to Iris and we will see her take a more proactive role like Cisco. If for some reason she does turn heel all the better because mean will it be fun to see her become the villain we have always know she has the potential to become.

Speaking of strong episodes for characters, Wally sure had a lot to do this week and it definitely payed off. I know we are building up to be Kid Flash, and I am definitely liking the path we are taking to get there with Wally attempting to repay the debt to The Flash and finding a greater purpose. Keiynan Lonsdale put in some of his best work in his talks with Barry and Joe about wanting to be a hero and how he can’t run away from the fight. The fact that Wally is proactively seeking out the danger and adventure fits right in with the character we have seen be developed over the later half of the season. Now, it’s jus a matter of actually seeing Wally’s powers manifest and how he reacts to finding out Barry was his hero all along. Surely that will make for an awkward conversation considering all of the hate Wally was throwing at Barry.

The last character who made his presence felt was Hunter and boy, Teddy Sears is so much more interesting now that he is just playing Zoom as a full on psychopath. I can’t fully tell if Hunter just really want The Killing Joke parallels of one bad day to be true for one or multiple reasons. No matter what his monologue about Barry and him being the same says a lot about his fragile mental state. I can’t tell if he hates Barry for being the hero he never had or if he desperately just wants Barry to be his friend and end his pain. I mean Hunter is pushing Barry to do something since he is the only person he truly on some level considers to be an equal, I just really need to know what and why. Is it to prove a point that anyone could end up like him, or that there really are no good people left in this world? At least with Eobard we knew his true purpose, Hunter I have no idea what his game is.

Also, Hunter seems to be desperate. I mean he lost his army, he finally truly lost to Barry and the team on some level, and he desperately wants Barry to know who he is and what it means to lose everything. I mean killing Henry is a bold move I was expecting, but it still hurt nonetheless. Barry is now going to be out for blood just like he was with Eobard, only this time there is nothing to really stop Barry other than the fact he is a naturally kind person. It will be interesting to watch the finale and see if we go big both emotionally and physically because Hunter is not getting out of this unscathed.

Overall another high quality episode, now it is time to see if we can wrap this up nicely or turn it into a giant mess.

Final Grade A-

+Black Siren was great

+Excellent material for Caitlin, Zoom, and Wally

+Zoom’s big move and speeches

+Metapocalypse was a fun idea

-Zoom’s big plan still vague

-Metapocalypse easily resolved

Extra Thoughts

-The brief moment of humility from Wells where he said he didn’t understand Cisco’s machine only to science babble about it probably got the biggest laugh out of me.

-I know we are dealing with the whole Metapocalypse thing but shouldn’t a nuke going off be national news as well!!!

-The moment where Dr. McGee reveals she knows Barry is The Flash is another major highlight. I feel Singh knows as well and just screws with Barry and Joe for shits and giggles. Also says a lot about Star City if no one can figure out Ollie is Green Arrow, but everyone knows Barry is the Flash.

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