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SEASON FINALE REVIEW: Legends of Tomorrow 1×16 “Legendary”

Ah timeforce you magnificent bastard, you know how exactly to make and break your own rules and still manage to make me not entirely hate the fuck you create a giant paradox. So, lets get down to “Legendary” which after calming down from the big reveal at the end as well as Firestorm doing his job, was an overall satisfying end to the season. There were plenty of cool elements to watch unfold as the team was forced to confront Vandal on multiple fronts in an attempt to stop him from rewriting history. Each character got their moment to shine, each payoff managed to mostly work in the favor of showing the teams growth, and now we are set up for more adventures that manage to expand the DCTV Universe in fun ways. I know it seems like I am lacking emotions, but thats because I was physically shaking when Firestorm transmuted the gun and Rex came into play. Its time to get weird guys.

So yeah, Vandal is kind of really dead and I am kind of bummed about that. I loved the idea that Vandal was searching for his past lives in order to rewrite history and finally rule time. Watching Casper Crump really go full super villain has been something we have been waiting for all season as his patience and puppeteering can only get the character so far. It was really exciting to see Vandal finally commit to rolling the world even if it meant time folding in on itself, I only wish this plan would have happened sooner. To see Vandal on the defensive trying to fight back against our heroes, rather than him realizing his victory was inevitable was so satisfying. The fear and drive of this Vandal was palpable and that made him all the more interesting. I hope we see a past version of Vandal or that he is not fully dead, because come on Vandal has survived a lot worse that stabbing, immolation, and having his neck broken.

What I felt myself enjoying the most about this episode were the smaller character moments. Seeing Stein play trivia pursuit with his wife, Mick robbing a place with a new team of people, Sarah fining out about Laurel. All of these smaller moments showed us how much our heroes have grown, Stein now being more selfless, Mick willing to be the leader, Sarah becoming more emotionally vulnerable and not cold hearted. These are small steps our team took over the course of the season and it really helped to nail down what is great about this show. Due to all of these characters already having reestablished history in the universe to see this type of monumental change means they are developing into more than the archetypes Rip thought them to be. Dominic Purcell for example absolutely nails the change in Mick during the big goodbye scene with Snart. The two heroes have been friends forever but they never really talked like honest human beings. To see Mick out right say to Snart “you’re the best man I’ve ever know” is great. Especially because it shows Snart just how much his favorite muscle head cares for him.

As I was saying this episode had a lot going for it, but the big final action scene helped to cement what is cool about this entire series. Each member of the team managed to get their big moment in their respective fights. Mick soloing Vandal with minimal effort may have been the most surprising aspect of this entire affair, but seeing the team wail on Vandal was great. I especially loved Kendra and Rip finally getting their moments of triumph over the enemy and making sure that their nightmare was over. I also really liked the fact that Jax and Ray helped to save the day with new abilities. I have finally gotten my wish Firestorm can transmute stuff and it was awesome, I literally audibly swore outlaid as soon as Jax dusted the gun. I have been waiting all season for that and it was definitely worth the wait. Same thing goes for Ray’s shrink ray it was a cool little trick that will hopefully come in handy in the future against the new big bad of season two.

Ok time for the big reveal. The world has been saved, Carter and Kendra have flown off into the sunset, Rip is now the only time master remaining, and Rex Tyler AKA Hourman has shown up to save the team and alert them that the JSA exists. Once we are all satisfied with the fanboying, the JSA is her and Patrick J. Adams is the kick off of everything to come. The question is why did Mick send Rex back to warn the team and who exactly are the members of the JSA aboard the Waverider. This must be pretty important if the majority of the team are dead andRex was sent back to meddle in what I now assume is his own timeline. I am also left wondering what time period the JSA are from? Are they our classic 1940 heroes or are they from a closer time period? Let’s be real I am just hyped to watch this all play out.

Overall I am anxiously waiting for season two, JSA inbound.

Final Grade A-

+Great smaller character moments

+Vandal three way fight was fun to watch

+Excellent setup for season two with Hourman and the JSA

+The right team members are still onboard

+Firestorm finally transmuted some shit

-It took really long for Vandal to go full psycho

-Kendra and Carter kind of had very little to do

Extra Thoughts

-I am putting in an early vote for Dr. Fate, Wildcat, Jay Garrick, Starman, and The Hawks for JSA members. Red Tornado if we are getting fancy, also Constantine.

-So apparently the Thanagarian invasion has been put on hold in favor of a bigger bad? I literally have no idea who that could be.

-Sarah snapping Vandal’s neck was easily the most satisfying kill, Mick’s the most brutal though. Damn, I do not want to go out like that.

-Top lines tonight Sarah “Man, you got my boots wet.” and Mick about the Hawks leaving with “Everytime they do that I get hungry for chicken wings.” Never change you two, never change.

-Interesting Rex’s costume looks more like Rick’s. Also, no noticeable hourglass hopefully we will fix that up for the season two premier.

-CW announced there will be a four part crossover involving every DC Series. I feel gooey inside thinking about it.

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