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6 Reasons We Need A Judge Dredd Netflix Series

3. Marvel Monopoly


We’ve got The Flash, Gotham, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow and (at least for the time being) Supergirl for House DC and House Marvel have Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Luke Cage and the recently announced Punisher TV show, isn’t it about time we heard from some other comic houses? 2000AD have a lot to offer with some exceptional story-lines and characters and who knows, a Dredd TV show may force some of the others (i’m looking at you, Legends of Tomorrow and Arrow) to up their game, which can only be a good thing.

2. Vile Villains


The 2012 Dredd film had the excellent Lena Headey as the deeply unpleasant and distinctly un-maternal ‘Ma-Ma’ but Dredd’s extensive villain back catalogue is yet to be explored. What better place to introduce viewers to the likes of The Dark Judges, Orlok The Assassin, The Angel Gang, Judge Cal and my own personal favourite – the delightfully named Captain Skank, than an episodic TV series? With such a wealth of colourful and often completely bonkers evil-doers to choose from, a Dredd TV show would certainly be a violent, visual treat.

1. Trump Card


Against all probability, there is a distinct possibility that Donald Trump (he of the synthetic hair, massively over-inflated ego and toxic racist personality) may become the leader of the free world. If that comes to pass (and we pray to any God that happens to be listening that it doesn’t) then the world will need Judge Dredd. Let’s face it, if this happens we won’t just need the Judge Dredd TV show, we’ll need the real thing, just to keep everything under control.

Are the above reasons enough to convince you that a Judge Dredd TV series is a no-brainer or do you think we have enough antiheroes clogging up our TV screens already without adding another? Sound off in the comments or send us your thoughts on Twitter!

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