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6 Things We Want from Arrow Season 5

As we all know Arrow is a very successful comic book TV show and has been recently renewed for a fifth season.  The storylines do a great job weaving in and out between character and plot-driven drama. I cannot explain how much I actually love this show.

The show-runners know what characters the fans want to see and have catered to them in the past (Olicity anyone?). All of the characters are very gripping and I am always rooting for them, but it hardly every goes their way now does it?

Of course every show has certain things that need to be tweaked and sorted out. Here are a few things that we want to happen next season on Arrow:

6. Less Family Feuds


I know family is an important thing to Oliver and the show, but  sometimes it can get a bit annoying. As much as I love Thea’s and Oliver’s relationship when they’re fighting together as Green Arrow and Speedy, their in-fighting at home can drag the show down. The same can be said about Malcolm’s attempts to protect his daughter that seem to constantly backfire.

5. More Characters From the Comics


Arrow‘s creators have done very good work with DC when choosing which characters to use in the show. Deathstroke was done particularly well. Moving forward, they should look to bring in more villains and heroes from the comics. We’ve already had a bunch of new heroes announced for next season – including Vigilante, Artemis, and Wild Dog.

Drawing in B-list or even C-list characters will excite long time fans while introducing newer ones to DC’s back catalogue. And since they’re not allowed to the A-list characters reserved for the films, these will have to do.


4. Less Island Flashbacks


From the beginning of the series, there have been flashbacks to Oliver’s time on (and off) the island. The flashbacks move at the same pace as the present story, which means by the end of the season, all five years will be covered.

However, it would probably work to their favour to end the flashbacks sooner. The majority of fans don’t particularly like them. At best, they link to the main story and give a tiny insight into Oliver’s character, but more often than not, they just slow the story down and provide an extra bathroom break.

3. More Crossovers


Once The Flash spun off from Arrow, the natural next step was to cross them over. The two previous crossovers have been huge hits.  Stephen Amell and Grant Gustin make the Green Arrow and The Flash an awesome team. Now that Supergirl has moved to the CW, we’ll likely see it and Legends of Tomorrow all cross over.

2. Constantine


Constantine had a great appearance in Season 4, and many fans are hoping he’ll return. He has been mentioned a few time since he appeared, so it’s clearly something the writers are thinking about. Ever since Constantine got cancelled, the fans have been crying out for it to magically brought back from the dead.

Constantine would be a great addition to Team Arrow, although the magic element of Season 4 did pull it out of its usual realistic tone. Still, Constantine is a great character and the damage is already done, so why not enjoy it?



Oliver and Felicity have been the main couple that everyone has shipped since the beginning of the show. Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards have really great chemistry on-screen, and the relationship added a fun layer to the dark show. While the last season ended with them apart, I’m hoping that we’ll see the two get back together soon.

What do you guys think? What should happen next season on Arrow? Sound off in the comments or send us your thoughts on Twitter!

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