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Review: Preacher 1×03 “The Possibilities”

A chance to catch our breath this week, as Preacher shifted down a gear and gave us space to reflect on the events of the previous two weeks. And having introduced a raft of weird and wonderful characters, “The Possibilities” delved a little deeper into their psyches and agendas, adding layers of complexity.

We opened with Tulip making a discovery which she felt sure would sway Jesse toward her vengeful cause. The introduction of her contact, Danni, and the man in the white suit provided more tantalising leads for fans of the comics and the uninitiated alike. Danni’s fantasies about Tulip coming to kill her no-good husband, and the fact that she met with the man in white at what seemed to be a snuff film festival, suggested that Jesse’s ex has a murky past indeed.

But while Tulip’s dark side was evident as she planned to break every bone in her enemy’s body before getting creative with some battery acid, we also saw her talk and act her way out of a speeding fine. The threat of violence still pervaded this scene, but it was Tulip’s smarts and her ability to spin a good yarn, which saved her bacon, and I suspect there was a grain of truth in her story about finally getting through to her friend on a matter of grave importance.

Jesse too, was pulled back into his bad old ways as he struggled to understand his newfound powers. As predicted, his attempts to wake Tracy Loach backfired, with the consequences of his words being too literal to mean anything good, leaving the unfortunate girl comatose, but with open eyes. Similarly, Jesse’s wiping of the bus driver’s memory didn’t seem to have dampened his ardor for the little girl – if anything, it appeared to have given him the opportunity to fall in love all over again! Jesse confessed his abilities to a delighted Cassidy, who hypothesised that his buddy might be a Jedi. Or – y’know – be dying of a brain tumor! Joe Gilgun is clearly having the best time playing the cheeky vamp, and he steals every scene he’s in. While Jesse set off on the dark path with Tulip, Cassidy demonstrated genuine concern for his holy pal by hearing out ‘government agents’ DeBlanc and Fiore, who it seemed might be actual angels, and forming an uneasy alliance with them. While it may be his sense of curiosity and mischief driving his actions, it would appear that he – like Tulip – has real feelings for Custer.


For a bit, it seemed that Tulip had won her ex over, and that treacherous getaway driver, Carlos, was about to meet a sticky end. But an encounter with Donnie in a bathroom stall stopped Jesse from going through with this plan. Donnie was interesting in this episode. He clearly means Jesse real harm, but the scene in which he explains to his son that he only hurts his mom because she likes it was both unnerving and suggested perhaps he’s not the domestic monster towards his family that we had assumed. It’s been hinted at, but we’ve never actually seen him beat the boy. We got a further insight into Donnie’s life as the right hand of Odin Quincannon, a man who listens to animals being slaughtered for fun. I suspect there’s not much work-life balance with a boss like that!

An interesting little aside from Sheriff Root in this episode too, and a chilling story of child murder in the town. The manner in which Root recounted the tale suggested a man who had been hardened by the traumatic things he’d seen in the line of duty, and lent a sympathetic facet to his rather unlikeable character. We still don’t know exactly what the connection is between Eugene and the comatose Tracy, but there is a definite breadcrumb trail there…

In terms of plot, we didn’t make huge headway, but there was enough nice character stuff and joining of dots to make this an enjoyable, bedding-in episode. While some may find the Tarantino-esque monologues and stand-alone scenes with little context frustrating, I think these are a very effective way to build a sense of unease and surrealism which gives the show its unique feel.

Final Grade: B-

+ Cassidy spilling his secret love for Justin Bieber at Jesse’s command was my favourite moment of the episode.

+ The Tom Cruise joke is still running and it’s still hilarious. Sorry, Tom!

+ We have a shiny new opening title sequence! And the soundtrack is still kicking ass.

– Emily hasn’t had a great deal to do so far, other than being annoyed by her own feelings for Jesse and side-eyeing Cassidy. Still waiting for her to come into her own.

– Despite seeing another side to Tulip this week, it’s still not clear just why she wants Jesse to revert to his old lifestyle so badly. Looking forward to moving these exchanges along a bit.

– I was hoping for slightly darker repercussions for Tracy – perhaps her mother having to drip saline onto her drying eyeballs 24/7. I’m aware this probably just makes me a sick bunny…

Extra Thought:

Nice that poor Ted got his funeral, although Jesse reading the 1 Corinthians verse about the dead being raised gave me a baaaaaad feeling! Is whatever’s lurking inside him going to take this as a green light to kick-start a zombie apocalypse?






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