6 of the Best Moments from the Luke Cage Trailer

Any television show whose first teaser trailer is set to the music of Wu-Tang Clan is going to be something to get excited about. As was the case when I watched the first teaser for the latest offspring of the Marvel / Netflix union. The Luke Cage teaser released at San Diego Comic Con only served to make me that much more excited about a show that I was already eagerly anticipating.

The recent release of the full trailer for the new show has only served to double-down on my excitement. As a fan-favorite, Luke Cage is a character that viewers knew would receive his own spin-off within an episode of Jessica Jones. The trailer only seems to heighten the fact that the Marvel/Netflix team-up can do no wrong because… dang are there some epic things shown.

Check out the trailer for yourself and then take a gander at our Top 6 moments!

6. Claire Temple


Claire seemingly served as one of the few people on Daredevil with common sense, patching Matt up whenever he got himself in trouble and shooting him down whenever he said something stupid. The no-nonsense doctor was a stable in the Red Devil’s first season and many fans were upset that she wasn’t present in Season 2. Couple that vexation with the almost unanimous cheers at Claire’s appearance in Jessica Jones and you know that her presence in Luke Cage will be something to get excited about. Luke seems to be the most level-headed of the Defenders we’ve been introduced to so far, which could make for an interesting dynamic between him and Claire.

5. Pops


I can already tell that I’m going to like this guy… which has me worried since it likely means he’ll get axed far earlier than I’d prefer. Pops seems to be the character that viewers will immediately like since he’s the one pushing Luke to actually do something with his abilities. As a viewer, I tend to latch on to whatever character supports heroic ventures from the get-go because I myself support them. Luke is and has been predominantly unwilling to use his gifts, far preferring a life of seclusion and feigned normalcy.

This means that he needs the encouragement of others before he’s willing to step forward and protect the streets of Harlem… and it looks as though said encouragement is coming from Pops. What has me worried is that this might take a Spider-Man route, seeing as Luke is shown tearfully clutching a body in a barbershop. While Pop’s vocal support theoretically could be what spurns Luke on over the course of the season, it’s more likely that his death (a la Uncle Ben) will be what puts Cage in motion.

4. Realistic Big Bads


As a fan of both Theo Rossi and Mahershala Ali, I can readily admit that I am pumped to see them as the bad guys of Luke Cage. What makes the Netflix/Marvel shows so wonderful is the fact that, though there is some crazy otherworldliness, the characters are rooted in reality. While the heroes have flaws that viewers can identify with, the villains are people that likely do exist outside of our TV screens. Unlike many of the big screen baddies, those shown in the Luke Cage trailer seem to approach their villainy as a business rather than some sort of quest to achieve a personal vendetta. The, “realistic villain,” trend is one that Luke Cage looks to be following, as Cottonmouth and Alvarez are shown as criminals that I could genuinely see roaming the Harlem underground.

3. The Soundtrack


I realize some people might be upset with this choice and throw all of the other awesome things from the trailer in my face, demanding that I choose one of them instead, but the music often makes or breaks a show/film for me. As previously mentioned, the teaser trailer for Luke Cage was set against the epic Wu-Tang Clan, and the full-length was equally epic with its music selection. Throwing a Miike Snow remix while Luke is stopping bullets with his chest and throwing criminals through windows made the trailer that much more interesting to me. I like when the noise fits the visual and Luke Cage has already done a stellar job at merging the two together to create a synonymous piece of entertainment.

2. The Origin Tease


“I was put in some tank like an exotic fish and came out with abilities.” Though Jessica Jones introduced us to Luke, the show did very little in solving the enigma that he is. Retaining his predominantly mysterious persona throughout the series, Luke gave viewers very little information about how he came to be a seemingly indestructible man. Within the first 15 seconds of the trailer, we were given a tease about what caused Luke to go from human to human-plus. Fans of the comic character likely already know about what happened to Luke, but those who receive their Marvel knowledge through the live-action medium are in for a treat. Origin stories are important for any superhero story and Luke’s will likely serve as a tremendous eye-opener when it’s revealed in September.

1. Luke


This may seem like a bit of a cop-out but, the fact of the matter is, the best thing in the Luke Cage trailer was the titular character himself. His debut in Jessica Jones was certainly memorable, but he never really got a chance to shine in the midst of the Kilgrave/Jessica showdown. In a two-minute trailer Luke has already become infinitely more badass than seen previously. His bulletproof exterior is almost as infallible as his bulletproof interior (his impassive no-nonsense stare is a highlight for me) and I’m genuinely excited to see his story unfold onscreen.

What were your favorite moments from the Luke Cage trailer and what are you most looking forward to seeing when the show debuts this fall? Sound off on Twitter or in the comments below!

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