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6 Best Moments in Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad, one of the most highly anticipated movies of the year, is finally out in theaters. Some fans are rioting in the streets against critics’ opinions and others are just as disappointed as they were with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. However, like Batman v Superman, we can’t deny that regardless how you feel about the movie, there are some pretty memorable and down right awesome moments in the film.

6. Harley Quinn Rejoining the Team


This was mentioned in “The Top 6 Darkest Moments” articles but it’s being reiterated here for a reason. Considering Harley Quinn was by far one of the best aspects of the film, it only makes sense to add her lowest point to the list. For a movie that relied heavily on one-liners and exposition, having a moment with very little dialogue was a breath of fresh air. And it really shines in this one moment of weakness.

5. Viola Davis as Amanda Waller


If there is one thing this movie got right, it was the casting choices. Viola Davis was the perfect choice for Amanda Waller. She was a hard ass, ruthless, and someone the villains not only feared but respected. It was clear throughout the entire film that she was in charge and, when someone went to step on her authority, she never hesitated to squash the threat. She was a perfect juxtaposition to the villains.

4. The Hand Wrap Effect with Enchantress


It was a moment that didn’t last long but it is by far the best thing about Enchantress. And probably the greatest effect used throughout the entire movie. Ask anyone who’s seen this movie, and they’ll site this as being one of the coolest aspects of the film.

3. Batman and Deadshot


Any of the scenes with Ben Affleck was a real treasure. But his scene with Deadshot was by far his best. Not only do we get to see Gotham City during the winter, his overall presence reminds us why he was one of the best things about Batman v Superman. He embodies Batman to perfection. Will Smith and Ben Affleck’s interaction is done beautifully.

2. Harley Quinn’s Origin


As mentioned before, Harley Quinn was overall one of the best moments of this film. Margot Robbie gives us everything we wanted in seeing Harley Quinn on the big screen. But what really sells it is her origin story. While it borrows a lot from The New 52 origin, the writers are smart to liberate on some of the aspects. And that big change stems from most of her origin being her choice as opposed to being manipulated by the Joker. She is not pushed in at the chemical plant, she chooses to fall in. She chooses her rebirth. And the Joker, who can easily walk away from the situation, chooses to go in after her. It’s a perfect mix that defines the character throughout the rest of the film and gives the audience exactly what they’ve been waiting for.

1. Deadshot and His One-Liners


I was told before seeing this movie that “Will Smith takes over the entire movie”. As if that was a bad thing. Will Smith saves this movie for a lot of reasons. He and Harley Quinn are given the best one-liners. But while some of Harley Quinn’s lines fall flat, Will Smith’s do not. His performance is a reminder of his older, more memorable work. He has one of the most developed backstories. In short, Deadshot and his role in this film was a pleasant surprise.

What were some of your favourite moments in the film? Are there any that didn’t make the list? Share your thoughts in the comments below or on Twitter!

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