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6 Reasons to Get Excited for Luke Cage

Luke Cage is a Netflix series that will debuting on September 30, 2016 with the entire first season. This is a highly anticipated addition to the MCU’s Netflix series, especially since the plans to create an Iron Fist show and Marvel’s the Defenders (starring Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and Iron Fist) were announced.

Luke Cage is a very interesting character with a long history in Marvel Comics. He was created in 1972 and since then, he’s one of the most prominent African-American Marvel superheroes (aside from Black Panther and Storm). Cage started in Heroes for Hire, and joined a variety of super-teams like The Defenders and the Avengers. Cage even led the New Avengers. His original look was most definitely not in good taste and his given background as an ex-con who had been sent to jail for a crime he didn’t commit was stereotyping.

Luke Cage is an enduring character—and now I’m going to tell why to get excited for the Netflix series!!

6. Diversity


Very rare is an African-American superhero. Marvel does have some iconic characters of colour like Black Panther, Ultimate and MCU Nick Fury, The Falcon, Storm and of course, Luke Cage. It’s nice to see an African-American in a lead role on a superhero show. Luke Cage has such a rich and varied history, it will great to see how they deal with the issue of race in the show.

5. Luke Cage is Awesome!


A super-strong vigilante, who is pretty chill in his downtime, Luke Cage is awesome. Cage is a pretty nice guy, unless you irritate him, or make an enemy out of him. Hopefully the show will demonstrate his early years as a vigilante and hero-for-hire well and prove that he’s a leader, like he became in the comic books. In all honesty, I definitely see Luke Cage being the de-facto leader of the Defenders, because Jessica Jones is such a mess, Daredevil is a loner, and Iron Fist is pretty-Zen.

4. Connection to the MCU


Fans love it when their favourite superheroes team up and kick some bad guy behinds. Also, we like it when a show makes references to other movies and shows. It’s why the MCU is popular. You don’t have to watch all the movies and shows to get everything. Throwaway comments or images are pretty fun to try to spot. The majority of Marvel Comics’ heroes all live in New York (with the exception of the X-Men, Inhumans, and Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan), so it’s no wonder that eventually Luke Cage is going to run into Daredevil or Jessica Jones or whomever!

3. Cage’s Powers


Naturally as the picture implies, he’s bulletproof or rather his skin can’t be permeated with iron, steel, etc.  While some say that it’s makes Superman boring, it’s pretty cool for Luke Cage who also has super-strength. But he’s also quite intelligent, which is a trait I admire in characters. It’s probably a good thing that Cage is bulletproof, especially if he’s dealing the criminal element in Harlem.

2. Awesome Ensemble Cast


The above picture features Simone Missick, who will play Harlem detective Misty Knight. Of course, Misty Knight is another long-standing but little known Marvel character. She is allies and friends with both Iron Fist and Luke Cage in comics. The cast of Luke Cage looks like it will be a really sweet one for fans. A diverse and talented cast to make the story about a hero, and life in a different part of the MCU is something to look forward to seeing.

1. The Clash Between Hero and Villain


Lastly, what’s a good superhero show/film with a good bad guy? (No matter how weird that sounds). Netflix and Marvel Studios definitely have interesting and nuanced bad guys like Kilgrave in Jessica Jones and Wilson Fisk ‘The Kingpin’ in Daredevil. Luke Cage‘s bad guy is Cottonmouth. I can’t wait to see how they handle the character and how Luke comes into conflict with the drug lord/pimp.

Luke Cage’s own show will be interesting. It will give us a look into another side of the MCU universe. It will give us great characters. I am looking forward to especially Luke Cage battling Cottonmouth. Be excited! It’s going to be great!

Remember September 30, 2016 is when Luke Cage becomes available on Netflix!
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