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6 Ways Luke Cage Could Tie into Daredevil/Jessica Jones

With Luke Cage premiering on Netflix soon, the question about how it will fit in with Netflix-Marvel’s other series, Daredevil and Jessica Jones. We all know that Iron Fist will be out before the limited series The Defenders starring said heroes. Will Luke Cage return to Hell’s Kitchen? Or would Daredevil or Jessica Jones make their way to Harlem for one reason or another? It’s exciting to see the Netflix MCU come together like the movie MCU. Here are some ways that Luke Cage could tie into Daredevil and/or Jessica Jones.

6. It’s New York


Marvel’s NYC

The five boroughs (and the many little towns like Little Italy or Chinatown) of New York City in any Marvel verse is home to a colorful array of superheroes. We have for example: Spider-Man in Queen, Iron Man uptown Manhattan, Cap from Brooklyn, Daredevil and Jessica Jones from Hell’s Kitchen, Luke Cage and Falcon from Harlem and Dr. Strange in Greenwich Village. With so many colorful heroes and just as many dangerous villains running around the city, you are not going to tell me that we aren’t going to something mentioning other heroes, especially the ones like Daredevil and Jessica Jones.

5. Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Daredevil’s Abilities


Daredevil’s World on Fire

What were in those drums at the time of Matt Murdock’s accident? How exactly did Jessica Jones and Luke Cage get powers? Is there some sort of connecting purpose, some sort of drug or experimentation that is similar? These are questions that could very well set up a connecting line through the three stories.

4. The Big Bads:  Kilgrave, Kingpin, and Cottonmouth

Best Villain- Kilgrave

The major villains of the Netflix MCU stories are actually “good” bad guys, meaning that they are compelling characters, even so much as to maybe sympathize with them (like Wilson Fisk) or just be in awe of their depravity (Kilgrave). As much as heroes may overlap sometimes, villains have to step on each other’s toes.

Villain team-ups usually don’t work because of one thing—ego. They want the credit for taking out the hero or whatever plan they are plotting. With Kingpin formerly running all the crime in Hell’s Kitchen, and Kilgrave’s sick plans, and Cottonmouth running Harlem’s criminal element, New York City is not that big of a city when you think about it.

3. Claire Temple


The lovely and talented Rosario Dawson will be reprising her role as the nurse from Daredevil, Claire Temple. She is an amalgam of Temple and Night Nurse. Claire became an ally of Daredevil in Season 1 when she fished him out of a dumpster and patched up his wounds. She does it several more times until she tries to distance herself from Daredevil. I actually really like her character and I can’t wait to see what role she plays in Luke Cage.

2. Jessica Jones and Luke Cage’s Relationship


Jessica Jones and Luke Cage met in Season 1 of Jessica Jones. Jessica Jones is fascinated by Luke Cage and vice versa. They share a bond. But Jessica Jones is completely self-destructive and pretends that she doesn’t have feelings. In the comic books, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage’s relationship is a long-standing one, they even get married and have a daughter, Danielle Cage (yes, name for Danny Rand, Iron Fist and Luke Cage’s best friend). Who knows what the future has in store for the two?

1. Case By Case


As Wilson Fisk plans relied on the inner workings of Hell’s Kitchen criminal underbelly working together like a well-oiled machine, where the Triads made the drugs and the Russian mob delivered it and all the other deals, crime can be connected. There would most certainly be times when the street crime in the boroughs would lead a hero or two on intersecting paths.

I’m excited to see what happens. I like when things come together, even if only a bit. The MCU is its own little universe (even if sometimes it doesn’t add up ages of certain people (cough—cough—Howard Stark—cough and some things don’t make some sense). Are there other ways that Luke Cage could tie into either show? I’m sure that there are more. Sound off in the comments or send us your thoughts on Twitter!

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