Adults as Children: Online Gambling with Superheroes

The Superheroes Are Everywhere

Over the past few years, cinema addicts, Marvel comics’ fans, and just admirers of virtual casinos repeatedly had the opportunity to quench their thirst for action games with a whole galaxy of Hollywood blockbusters, as well as a number of new slot and scratch games, which revived stories and images of well-known superheroes again. Online slot machines, constructed on the basis of the most famous comics, are very popular among gamblers from different countries.

Comic book series with superheroes appeared in the first half of the 20th century, and since then the number of superheroes are constantly increasing, as their eminence is growing. Very soon the super-heroes revealed themselves in the feature films, television movies, and then computer games. Their appearance in the gambling institutions was only a matter of time. SA online casino list by Casinority also offers an extensive selection of slots with favorite super-heroes, which will allow having a good time and winning decent sum of money.

How Did They Appeared In Casinos

Such slot’s models are produced by different manufacturers of software for online casino. Online slots’ company manufacturer Cryptologic was the first who exploited the brands of modern super-heroes. It signed a deal with Marvel Comics to bring superheroes to gambling drums. For two years more than 15 superheroes’ game cells were produced. It was led by the most famous characters such as Spider-Man and Hulk, each of which appears in imaginary game. Elektra, Blade, Wolverine, X-Men, Thor and Captain America were also used by this company.

These slots on the subject super-heroes accurately reflect the legend that grew up around these fictional characters. The symbols on the reels are represented as sources of their superpowers, weapons that they use, and even enemies, which they oppose. Battles between characters and their antagonists also appear in the bonus games on the second screen. Online slots with original super-heroes became the main distinguishing advantage for Cryptologic.

Competition Continues

Company Playtech went far ahead in comparison with Cryptologic. They signed an agreement with Marvel Films in order to get the same personages, but on their gaming elements. Thin trick was that the characters on their slot machines were based on Marvel Film’s characters, while Cryptologic characters were founded on Marvel Comics, but essentially they were the same super-heroes and had no difference.

For this moment Playtech released about seven branded sections with superheroes, including Iron Man, Hulk, Punisher, Blade and X-Men. These slots become extremely popular in online casino. Improved technology used in the software provided better audio and visual effects.

Cryptologic moved away from Marvel very soon and signed a contract with another major publisher of super-heroes’ series DC Comics. It owns such reputable brands as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern, each of which is now available on the online slots.

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