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REVIEW: Fear The Walking Dead 2×12 “Pillar Of Salt”

Has it been seven days already? ::checks calendar still set to May ’03:: Welp, I guess it has! If you haven’t yet deduced what that means; why, it’s time for a new episode of Fear the Walking Dead! Yes friends, another week and another episode of the spin off program of the hugely successful Walking Dead has passed us by. Has anything changed? Who knows? To find out, direct your eyeballs in a downward fashion and check out the spoiler-riddled content below!

This episode is called “Pillar of Salt” and deals with some pretty interesting concepts, if I may say so. We’re starting to get a little more insight on the forming of groups in the zombie apocalypse, which is something I think this show should continue to focus on. Yet, “Pillar of Salt” is still plagued by the same afflictions of past Fear the Walking Dead episodes; namely: slowness, characters acting foolishly, recycled ideas, recycled ideas, and recycled ideas.

In the intro to this episode we meet Francisco and his family as they plan to leave (or possibly escape) Alejandro’s little community. Of course since Francisco is one of the few members of said community that goes to make trades with the evil supermarket people (remember them?), this presents a problem. I know I usually give our readers a chance to guess how characters from this show elude the undead, but for the sake of moving forward I will just say this: Francisco and his family use the “zombie guts trick” to escape the compound. Don’t worry, there are still a few episodes left and I’ve still got some prizes left up my sleeve for those of you who would like to guess next time (old gummy worm and coupon to Denny’s for free “Grand Slam”).

Why on Earth did I choose this picture...hmm...

Why on Earth did I choose this picture…hmm…

Before we get serious I would like to say that the title card this week made a huge comeback and was pretty gosh darn intense. Right off the bat, we now know for certain that Ofelia is alive and well, as if we were even entertaining the idea that she wasn’t. Being predictable is one of this show’s strong suits, and I’m fairly sure we’re all accustomed to that by now. Ofelia seems to be on her own little journey after somehow escaping the hotel of horror and zombies, and we even get a few flashback scenes that help to flesh out her character a bit. Not that I cared, but there it was.

Besides Ofelia and her solo journey into the wastelands of the apocalypse, some pretty major things happen in “Pillar of Salt.” Firstly, you may remember Eileen who has a bone to pick with Victor since the whole “death of daughter” thing she keeps crying about. Well wouldn’t you know it? She goes and stabs Victor prison style, and wishes for his death. Wrong. Madison, Oscar and Alicia (and Elena, sans cool fire axe) hatch a plan to fix Victor up and get him back into shape to jam drunkenly once again! Of course this involves that crooked supermarket that everyone keeps talking about in this show, and on Elena’s advice the crew go on in search of cool…I mean…helpful drugs.

There are some serious connections being made in this episode, and I really hope that we will see an explosive finale. Going back to Francisco and his family, they are indeed captured by the evil supermarket corp. and interrogated. This all culminates in Madison overhearing the interrogation and wondering if the frightened Francisco (alliteration) is talking about her son Nick (more on him in a bit), and pretty much raising a bright red flag for the antagonistic, supermarket people to follow straight into Nick’s little community. Good job, Madison. But wait, that’s not where Madison’s mistakes end! That’s right gang, since the generator at the horror hotel (song reference) is now running, Madison takes it upon herself to shine the lights at night. Good idea? Absolutely not. It is far too late though, and Alicia is properly upset by her mother’s emotions getting in the way of the group’s survival. Thank the maker Travis saw it, because that can only mean Chris and his insanity will soon be walking through the wide doors of the hotel.

Ofelia returns to us alive and well, and in flashbacks.

Ofelia returns to us alive and well, and in flashbacks.

On the other side of things we have Nick being all cutesy with Luci (which does not bother me at all), and starting to question the motives of Alejandro, or “The Pharmacist,” if you will. This whole “church of Alejandro” deal is beginning to wear out its welcome, and Nick is questioning the legitimacy of the whole thing. Well, that is until Luci gives him a kiss; then he’s back to Kool-Aid land…kinda.

You see, Nick understands that Marco, the supermarket master, will eventually come to take over his little community and so he goes and confronts Alejandro about that. In keeping with the continuity of idiocy in this show, Alejandro disagrees with everything Nick says, putting them at odds with one another. This entire episode seems to illustrate, once again, how groups are formed and dissolved in the zombie apocalypse. It will be interesting to see how Alicia and Madison, and Nick and Alejandro interact in next week. Unless of course this show decides to give us nothing at all, like it has been. Grade!

Letter Grade: C-

+ Tension building within the two factions of survivors.

+ Ofelia using a hammer to defeat zombies.

+ Alicia being badass and not taking no guff from Madison.

– Elena/Hector/Antonio. Don’t care.

– What are we building towards here? WHO IS THE ENEMY.

– No Chris 🙁

Extra Thoughts:

Jeez guys, I really wish this show was doing a heck of a lot more than it is. With only a few episodes left I’m wondering how everything will pull together. What happened to Conner and his gang? Are we supposed to accept the fact that they merely disappeared? Will Marco make a big move and attack Nick’s little community? What’s going on here? Lots of questions, but only one matters: how insane can Chris get in three episodes? I’m hoping very, very insane. Go Chris!

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