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Top 6 Craziest Moments in Suicide Squad

If Suicide Squad was going to give us anything besides the dark moments, it was crazy moments. With villains calling the shots and running the show, audiences were bound to run into some pretty crazy moments. Some were crazy in the completely awesome way while others were crazy in the sense audiences were left scratching their heads. And, there are plenty of them. Below are the top six craziest moments in Suicide Squad.

6. The Helicopter Crashes


Within a span of minutes, we don’t get one, but two helicopters crashing. The first leaves the Joker seemingly dead while the other features Viola Davis kicking serious butt as she fights off Enchantress’ henchmen. This scene was not only crazy due to the sheer amount of explosions but also the simple fact that there were two explosions one right after the other. There’s also yet another crash earlier in the film. The characters clearly learned a valuable lesson after this ordeal: don’t fly in a helicopter.

5. Amanda Waller’s Shooting Scene


As mentioned in previous articles, this scene was not only dark but flat out crazy. Simply because it caught most of the audience by surprise. In fact, it’s such a surprise it takes a second to process exactly what happened. What’s more? The villains seem to respect Amanda Waller even more after she shoots her fellow agents. Now, this makes since they’re all criminals but it’s an interesting new spin on an already crazy moment.

4. Batman Car Chase


It’s not a long scene but it’s certainly filled with a ton of crazy moments. Not only do we see a cool car chase between Batman and the Joker and Harley Quinn, it highlights just how crazy and ruthless both these criminals can be. Harley Quinn is ruthless as she attempts to shoot Batman from inside the car with the Joker driving. To top it off, we get the car crash as seen in the trailers and it delivers. It’s a wild, fun ride and highlights how we desperately need a solo film with Harley Quinn and Batman.

3. Harley Quinn Licking the Bar


This is definitely one of the crazy in a strange way moments in the film. It’s so crazy, we’re still not entirely sure why it even happened. While it’s clear Harley Quinn doesn’t shy away from her sexuality, the fact that she does this in front of Griggs who is shown as being a not-so-nice guy, is what makes this moment so bizarre.

2. Slipknot’s Death


While this follows in a similar fashion to the comics, albeit Slipknot loses an arm instead of his life, it’s still a surprising and crazy moment. For all intent purposes, Slipknot did not need to be in the film. Yet, he is regardless to serve the purpose of demonstrating to the rest of the squad the true danger of the collars. It’s a pretty crazy and surreal moment and we’re still not entirely sure why yet another comic book character had to be thrown into this already crowded storyline.

1. Jared Leto as the Joker


This performance is by far the strangest and interesting parts of the film. It’s interesting because viewers are so torn on it. Some people love Jared Leto as the Joker. Others despised it. But regardless of how you feel, it was a very strange performance to say the least. There are aspects to how the character acts that are just downright bizarre. His laugh is strange, the fact he doesn’t have a big, deformed smiled but instead has a tattoo of a smile on his hand is strange, heck even his tattoos are strange. It’s a very bizarre and crazy performance, one that you simply have to see for yourself to fully appreciate or despise.

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