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REVIEW: Fear The Walking Dead 2×14 “Wrath”

Greetings zombie lovers! Looks like yours truly passed out for a couple of days after the somewhat above-average finale of AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead! This last episode was called “Wrath” and was an extra long, two hour extravaganza! Well actually it was two episodes played in succession, but we got two title cards out of it; the first being boring, while the second was pretty freakin’ intense! What’s that? You want to know about the episode? Well, why didn’t you just say so? Spoilers ahead!

By now we’re all familiar with Madison’s “Hotelopolis” (you know you love that name), and so in “Wrath” we’re seeing how she, Victor and the rest of the powers that be are dealing with the influx of unnamed characters that showed up last week. In a surprise turn of events, Chris’ cool new friends are among the injured which piques Madison’s curiosity. After a brief interrogation, Chris’ new friends inform Madison that Chris is -GULP- dead! This causes Madison to call over Dr. Andre to “treat” them (READ: kick them out), which brings upon a whole heck of a lot of anger from the other injured citizens of Hotelopolis. Heh, who cares about them anyway, right guys?

When Travis spots the two punks being brought out to the gate, he runs down from his sweet, luxury hotel room and confronts them about Chris’ whereabouts. This leads to a fairly more brutal interrogation after they tell Travis the tale of Chris’ demise (Chris being dead chance: 20%). Horrified, Travis locks himself in the room with the two punk kids and proceeds to use more of his patented “karate” on them until they are more or less dead. Best scene this episode, hands down.


The whole “Travis vs. Teenagers” thing causes a bit of stress among some of the other residents, namely Elena, so her and Hector strongly suggest (READ: insist) that Travis be kicked out. Madison and Alicia are having none of that however, and they convince Elena to let Travis out of his luxury prison cell if they all promise to leave the very next day.

Meanwhile Dr. Andre is performing emergency surgery on Oscar which goes about as well as expected, which leads to him, Elena and Hector launching a surprise attack on Travis. Since Travis is kinda invincible in this show, the surprise attack fails and we even get to see Alicia stab Dr. Andre in his lousy heart! Capital! With that, Madison, Travis and Alicia escape the hotel (Hotelopolis) with the help of Victor, who stays behind.

Back in La Colonia, Nick and his new pal sneak out to execute a drug-trade maneuver but are shocked to learn that the evil supermarket people have no need for Nick’s home-made pills anymore. Apparently the supermarket people are back to being chummy with their former source and vow to crush La Colonia the next chance they get. Not surprisingly, when Nick informs Alejandro the latter is unconvinced and continues to leave the fate of La Colonia up to faith. Suddenly, Alejandro is bitten by a zombie (for real this time) which breaks the spell of him being totally immune, as if anyone believed that anyway. With chaos erupting all around, Nick performs a crushing super move and thrusts his thumbs into a zombie’s brain via the zombie’s eyes. Sick!

At Luci’s request Alejandro gives his final speech to the people of La Colonia and they all decide to leave before the supermarket people attack. But wait! There’s a plan, of course! Alejandro stays behind hiding in wait in that awesome and strangely colored school bus, and as soon as the supermarket people think they’re safe, Alejandro pulls the bus out releasing a horde of zombies upon the Vegetable Villains (Condiment Aisle Criminals?). Too bad for the supermarket people!

After searching the now empty supermarket, Madison, Travis and Alicia deduce the location of La Colonia and show up just in time for no one to be there (except a bunch of zombie pals). As the citizens of La Colonia make their way down a stretch of road towards an alleged refugee camp that Nick saw in his awesome binoculars earlier, they are attacked by a group of armed (and seemingly trained) enemies. Luci takes a few bad shots to the chest, and she, Nick and several other ex-La Colonia residents are captured.


The last story thread in “Wrath” is rather short and shows Ofelia as she navigates the desert. Apparently Ofelia ate her Wheaties and is now a surprise badass; defeating zombies with her fists, feet, hammers, knives and even the hood of her car! When her cool pick-up truck starts having mechanical problems (scientific term), she decides to continue on foot. Shortly thereafter, she is attacked by a sniper and kinda-sorta captured, and informed that she has reached America.

So, there is lots happening in “Wrath,” but I would first like to express my disappointment in Chris’ apparent death. Why did he die in a flashback? WHY. His character deserved much more than that after all the awesome and hilarious things he did this season, and I really hope that the entire story was a ruse. It doesn’t seem that way, but it better be. Do you hear me Fear the Walking Dead?! For a season finale, there were quite a few cliffhangers going around, but most of them involved some kind of capture which was somewhat unoriginal in my opinion. Lastly, there was a fair amount of gore in this episode, which while I’m not necessarily complaining, it just seemed like it was all done merely for shock value. With that, it’s time for a letter grade!

Final Grade: B

+ Lots of carnage and mayhem. Thank the gods.

+ Travis vs. Teenagers fight scene: Brilliant.

+ Supermarket people? Bye Bye.

– Chris better not be dead. I’m warning you Fear the Walking Dead.

– Kind of a lack luster ending for La Colonia.

– Victor better be in this show next season.

Extra Thoughts:

“Wrath” was a decent season finale for Fear the Walking Dead, but that’s not saying much. I really enjoy some of the actors in this show, and I already know it won’t get canceled so quickly simply due to its title. Having said that, I am extremely apprehensive about season three at this point. Time to hibernate.

What did you think of the season finale of Fear the Walking Dead? Was it a step up from previous installments? Let us know in the comments section and on our Twitter page!

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