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REVIEW: Gotham 3×05 “Anything For You”


It must be spring in Gotham, as love is certainly in the air. In true Gotham form however, the course of true love never did run true. The recap shows the confrontation between Butch and Ed Nygma over their mutual love, Oswald; the mad love Jervis Tetch has for his now dead sister Alice, and Lee having been put on suicide watch over her past love, Jim Gordon. Other story arcs we’re reminded of include the disappearance of Ivy Pepper, and the fact that Captain Barnes has had a drop of Alice Tetch’s blood in his eye.

We’re somehow already up to episode 5 in season 3 and each week has been more gripping and action-filled than the one before, with “Anything For You” no exception. We see newly elected Mayor, Oswald Cobblepot, leading his victory parade in an open car with besto and chief of staff Ed Nygma standing with him. Former number 2, Butch Gilzean is still NOT HAPPY at having been relegated to a bit player, and Drew Powell is at his comedic best when playing Angry Butch, helping Oswald and Ed feed the homeless in a soup kitchen, and when the Mayor cuts the ribbon on a new school bus.

Oswald was always a Mommy’s boy, and so it’s no surprise that he has a shrine to his dear dead mother, asking her statue if he’s a good boy, and if he’s made her proud. Ed interrupts, and believes she would be, and it seems Gotham will be celebrating his victory tomorrow.

The action moves to the steps of Gotham City Town Hall, where Oswald vows to keep all of Gotham safe. He draws attention to the statue of his mother, which he’s brought with him, when suddenly from nowhere a van pulls up, and a gang with red hoods – surely not? – announce that nobody is safe, not from them. Poor Mama Cobblepot’s statue is shot, her head smashed off, and, just to be on the safe side, blown up. Oswald is furious, it must be said…but where is Butch? Why doesn’t he stop the gang? Well of course, as we discover, it’s because he is behind it, in order to prove to Penguin that he’s the important one, not Ed.

Jim has seemingly had a night with Valerie Vale, or at least, they’re having coffee together in Jim’s dingy apartment. She tells him she’s got dinner that night with a haematologist – not a date, but more of a fact finding mission, to find out what’s the story behind Alice Tetch’s blood. Still with Alice, Barnes is contemplating her death certificate, focusing on the word “BLOOD” and contemplating his future. His revery is interrupted however when Bullock bursts in saying they’ve found the van and a balaclava from the Red Hood Gang. More bursting when Ed walks in just as Barnes tells everyone to report back to him. Ed declares he shall be supervising the investigation actually…Barnes claims that he isn’t threatened by this but actually is very much threatened, particularly when Ed tells him, no, Penguin can’t fire him, but he can appoint a Police Commissioner who will fire him.

Meanwhile, Oswald and Butch are meeting with the City’s gang leaders, who aren’t happy at the idea of destroying the Red Hood Gang just to restore Mama Cobblepot’s honour. The gang themselves have convened in a different part of town, discussing their next move, while waiting for their boss, who must have the swiftness of Mercury as he enters the room and is revealed to be Butch. He’s got presents for them – suits to wear to the victory party, which, naturally, is going to be held at the swankiest club in town, namely The Sirens, owned by Barbara and Tabitha.


Bruce stops by Jim’s place, asks if it’s a bad time, and Jim explains that he’s there to hire him for his PI services – not to investigate the death of his parents, but rather to look into Ivy Pepper’s disappearance, on behalf of Selina. Jim cuts to the chase and asks how long Bruce has been involved with Selina, and Bruce acts like he’d thought it was the closest guarded secret ever, when in reality everyone knows. Later at the diner, over a cup of coffee, Jim advises him to tell her how he feels, before it’s too late.

Ed, still at GCPD, asks Lucius Fox if he can shine any light on the Red Hood Gang. Lucius reveals that preliminary investigations show that the van’s carpet contains not just the usual dirt and oil, but also potassium chloride. Ed stores this in the filing cabinet of his mind.

Jim and Bruce are at the Station too, and Bullock tells them that the guy who Ivy knocked out a few weeks back (Hurrah! He wasn’t killed!) brought in her stripy sweater, and told them it belonged to a girl in her 20s. The plot thickens. Lee meanwhile reveals to Jim that her engagement notice is coming out the next day, and Mario’s name will be revealed. Jim already knows he’s Carmine’s son however and is okay with it. This revelation is handy for Lee when later Ed confronts her, and she thumps him one, saying it’s for Kristin, and tells him she’s not scared of either him or Penguin, because if either of them threaten her, she’ll let her Carmine know…

A nice segue from Jim’s most recent ex-girlfriend Lee to his original girl, Barbara now, where we find Tabitha moaning that the party has to be at The Sirens. Babs says all will be well once the Red Hood Gang is found, and opens a fridge door, only to be faced by a frozen crook, tied up with a whip, so clearly this is Tab’s work. Seems her contact saw him buying smoke grenades, so she was able to find out the location of the Red Hood Gang, who at this very moment setting fire to and blowing up a school bus. When they return to their hideout to let Butch know what they’ve done, it’s not long until that Babs and Tab find them, and ask Butch what the hello he’s up to. He explains his intention has never been to harm Penguin, but rather to come out best over Ed. The plot becomes very complicated from this point.

Ed meanwhile, is having a moment with Oswald at the mansion, and in cleaning up some spilled wine with salt, realises the significance of the potassium chloride, as it’s used in detergents. Penguin calls Butch and tells him to get down to the soap factory in the Narrows – handily for Butch he’s already there, and tells the Gang to get out of there – they refuse, and so he has no option but to kill them all, just in time for the arrival of Oswald and Ed. Oswald calls a press conference and praises Butch. Ed however isn’t convinced, and later informs Bullock at the scene of the crime, that the bodies lay in a way that showed they not only were waiting for someone, but they also knew their assailant, and weren’t scared. He also discovers the suits Butch had brought for the gang.

Time moves very slowly in Gotham, and finally it’s the night of  Oswald’s party, and neither Lee nor Barnes are going. Lee tells Barnes of tests conducted on 3 rats with Alice Tetch’s blood. Two rats gained strength but otherwise remained fine. The third however chewed its way through twelve steel cages to get to the other two – and killed them.

At the party, Butch is indebted to Tab, and clearly both still feel strongly about each other. Bruce and Alfred turn up, and Bruce soon spots Selina “working”. She’s confronted by Ivy, but doesn’t recognise her, as of course, she’s in her 20s now, and is in the company of an older man. Bruce wants to talk to Selina in private, and takes her to the roof where he reveals he’s hired Jim to find Ivy on her behalf. He then lays his heart on the line, and Selina kisses him…but won’t tell him if it’s actually because she likes him. He’s confused, and she’s happy he is.

Ed gives Butch a gift – it’s a tie and a pocket square. It seems a certain Mr Fuji makes Butch’s suits, and he also made the gang’s 6 suits and revealed they were purchased by a large man. He makes Butch an offer, that they should kill Oswald together. Butch refuses, and so Ed’s plan B is put into effect. They have captured Tabitha and will hurt her if he doesn’t go through with it. Butch is in a bind. He puts on the red hood and takes the gun, and when Oswald stands up to make a speech he shoots him – but the bullets are blanks, and Ed exposes him as the real leader of the Red Hood Gang. Tab escapes and kills the bad guys holding her, and Butch and Ed have a fight, with Ed being nearly strangled – until Oswald hits Butch. The bromance has officially transcended into something much bigger, and later, over a cup of hot ginger tea with honey, which is Oswald’s sore throat mother’s remedy, Ed reveals he would do anything for Oswald, and look as if they might kiss – but instead they go in for a really really really…tight hug.

Tabitha has hijacked Butch’s ambulance, Barnes is informed and he leaps up from his chair. Quickly he realises his wound has healed and he no longer needs his crutch. He is invincible. This doesn’t bode well.

The episode ends with Jervis, who has dressed a girl up in his sister’s clothes. He kills her, and uses her blood to write James Gordon’s name on a card, saying, “those who hurt you will feel my pain, when my sweet and terrible vengeance upon them reigns”. Oh. Seems Jim isn’t quite free from Tetch’s spell yet.

Final Grade: A+ Keep up the good work!

Additional thoughts: Where has Ivy been living? How did she meet her date for the party, when she’s clearly been wearing the same dress she stole a few weeks back? Oh and how did she bag an invite in the first place?

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