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REVIEW: Gotham 3×06 “Follow The White Rabbit”

This season of Gotham is certainly keeping us on the edge of our seats, with plenty of “will they or won’t they” moments for lots of the main characters – whether of a romantic nature or simply in their personal story development.

The recap opens up with the bromance hug which ended last week’s episode – Oswald has fallen head over heels for Ed Nygma, and by the looks of it, Ed might feel the same way about him…maybe. The “previously” reminds us of the last (possibly only?) time Ed has been lucky in love – and it didn’t end well. Lee also reminded Ed of that lost love last week when she *KAPOWed* him right in the kisser, and helpfully, the opening roundup refreshes it in our memories as well, before hitting us with three very connected storylines: Valerie and Jim, talking about Jervis Tetch and his poor dead sister Alice; Captain Barnes, who’s about to turn into The Incredible Hulk any moment now, after having taken a drop of Alice Tetch’s blood to the eye; and third, we focus on Tetch himself, who is so fixated on his dead sister he captures and kills a girl in her image.

“Follow The White Rabbit” opens with a wedding, the couple is revealed to be named Amy and Dave, who are destined to be together for the rest of their lives. Sadly that’s not a very long time, as their chauffer is none other than Tetch, who tells them that they’re sadly not going to the reception as they’d hoped, but rather their future happiness depends on James Gordon. There’s a small boy in the car as well, wearing one of those propeller hats which were fashionable on small boys in the 1950s or so. He tells the kid to strap himself in and prepare for a bumpy ride…

We move to the Cobblepot mansion, where Oswald is super happy because he’s found someone to love. Tonight he is going to confess his feelings for Ed Nygma. It’s a tricky situation – if Ed knocks him back then that might put paid to his position as Oswald’s Chief Of Staff, and possibly his life, as Penguin does have a bit of a temper. But then, if he accepts Oswald’s proposal…

It’s hard to believe that all this is happening the day after last week’s episode took place, but time moves at a different rate in Gotham City, and in the words of Cory Michael Smith, aka Ed Nygma – “the show practices anachronism” and so not only does time move differently, but also technology advances at a rate faster than fashion.

Valerie Vale and Jim Gordon are having breakfast, with Val’s true intention to get Jim to set her up for a meeting with Lee to talk about Alice Tetch’s blood. She leaves, only to be replaced by a blond man – a literal White Rabbit – come for Jim with a message from Jervis. Jim follows the White Rabbit to a phone booth, which rings, with Jervis on the other end. It seems he’s been researching Jim’s history. Suddenly the newlyweds, Dave and Amy Walters, get out of the car, and start walking, clearly hypnotised, but they’re smiling so I guess married life agrees with them. It’s Jervis’ mission to force Jim to confront who he really is. The little boy who had been in the limousine with him earlier, is now standing in the middle of the road, about to be hit by a truck. Jim has to decide who most deserves saving: Shane, or Amy and Dave, now standing at the top of the overpass. He can’t save all of them – so he saves Shane, and the newlyweds fall to their deaths.


At the Cobblepot mansion Ed has two duty lists for Oswald: one for his role as Mayor of Gotham City; the other for his role as King of the Underworld. Oswald confesses that he would be lost without Ed, and is about to tell him that he loves him…but loses his nerve at the last moment. Ahh. We segue to Bullock and Barnes, who are surveying the dead bodies of Dave and Amy, while Shane has helpfully provided the information that Jim saved his life. The White Rabbit is still hanging about, so Barnes takes him in for questioning, and has a horrible time of it, because the Rabbit is still under hynosis, and continues repeating that he has a message for James Gordon. Barnes almost completely loses his cool with him but is stopped just in time – nobody notices that he’s left massive squeeze marks in the steel chair he was gripping with his hands.

James meanwhile is at an apartment,  having been sent there by Tetch. His entire life has been catalogued in photos on the wall. Just as he finishes reading about his dead father, Jervis calls him, and he looks through a handy telescope to see him nearby, bundling Valerie into the back of a van. He calls Lee and Tetch answers. Jim knows what’s going to happen, he’s gone down this road before. Quickly he visits The Sirens, where Tabitha had just got through saying to Barbara that she has Butch in a safe house. It seems Babara has spilled all the info to Jervis, but is helpful enough to let him know where to find him. Jim arrives at Gotham Water and Power, and is asked to choose between a Doctor and a Journalist, the option being if he shoots one the other is saved: if he shoots neither then Jervis will electrocute both of them. Handily the police arrive, and turn off the electricity. Sadly it’s not soon enough – Tetch has zapped both of them.

Jim is left with a message: “just ask an old friend how to get to the end”.

Meanwhile, Oswald and Ed are at a school, fulfilling their civic duties. Oswald tells Ed he’s got something he’d like to say to Ed, in a more private setting, perhaps dinner at 8? Ed is fine with this, and proposes to bring a nice bottle of wine. Are things finally going to move forward for this couple?

Lee and Valerie are now chained up in the bathroom of Lee’s house, under the supervision of Tweedledee and Tweedledum. Val seizes the day and tries to interview Lee about Alice’s blood. This episode is full of nice quotes, and there’s a really nice one here:

Lee: “You and Jim are made for each other.”

Valerie: “Thanks!”

Lee: “That’s not a compliment!”

Back at the Gotham City Police Department, Jim realises his old friend is the White Rabbit, and gets him to write down where the end is. He runs into Mario, and gets him to come with him. Meanwhile Lee has managed to get herself unchained, while Valerie breaks the lock pick in the lock. It doesn’t matter though as Jervis arrives and calls them into the dining room, where he’s set up a tea party. Jim is the special guest, and he’s arrived. Jervis claims that Jim turned his sister against him and he killed her. Jim suggests it’s not the case. Tetch then gives Jim the ultimate choice: choose which one he loves, between Valerie and Lee, and the other gets shot. He chooses Valerie, who Tetch decides to shoot anyway. It’s all good though, Mario and Lee get her to hospital and are able to save her.

Oswald meanwhile is sitting at the table rehearsing his speech, with Ed nowhere to be seen. We find him in a liquor store, buying a nice bottle of wine. Suddenly he’s approached by a girl in a blonde wig who otherwise looks exactly like the much lamented Kristen Kringle. Her name however is Isabella, but – rather sinisterly – she gives Ed a riddle, which of course, makes his heart flutter, just a little. Argh.

Final Grade: A+ Your best effort yet!

Additional thoughts: How much longer until something happens to Mario Falcone and we see his Dad Carmine re-enter the Gotham Underworld?

How long are they going to tease us with the “will they or won’t they” story between Oswald and Ed?

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