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REVIEW: Legends of Tomorrow 2×02 “The Justice Society of America”

Man, I really have no Idea what is going on with this show, but I can’t say I am not enjoying being confused. Thus we look at “The Justice Society of America” who as it turns out are a really large group of entitled assholes. I mean I know the saying you should never meet your heroes, but it would have helped to make the JSA a little more lively and less brooding. Sure, getting to see the JSA on screen was a trip, but they were certainly missing something as were the Legends. I mean I really need Rip and Rex in a solid episode in order balance out whatever the hell is supposed to be gong on. I mean we have whatever Reverse Flash is up to, the whole Heywood family drama thing, and lets not forget the nazi’s. It just felt like Legends wanted to go really big, but didn’t know how to stick the landing.

First thing first, my god are the JSA a bunch of angry entitled pricks for the most part. I mean I get the whole idea of them being more mature then the Legends, but there is a limit to how entitled you can be. This was basically a study in dichotomy as we saw the bland and uninspired JSA mix it up with the rag tag Legends. I mean only Vixen even got the slightest amount of characterization and that is only because she will be a main character this season. I just wanted something, some reason to care about these characters because I love the JSA. I love what they represent and who they are meant to be in this universe, but there was a better way to serve them than a one off where only like half the team got the slightest bit of characterization. Even Hourman, the leader of the JSA was bland as hell and I know Patrick J. Adams deserved better than this.

For all the things that were wrong with the JSA there were a couple of bright spots, specifically the relationship between Nate and his grandfather. Nick Zano is doing really good work so far and the way his character has developed a sense of wonder and adventure is relatively well reasoned as he is a hemophiliac. It makes sense that he would want to go adventuring after hearing all of these stories about his grandfather and what a great hero he was made for a great touch of drama. Sure the aloof grandfather meeting his time traveling ancestor is a played out trope, but Zano and Matthew MacCaull manage to play off each other so well that it does not feel off putting. I know that this was probably a one off for the character but I would love to see Commander Steel’s reaction to his grandson actually having abilities and if it manages to make him feel slightly inadequate. There is clear material for them to play with moving forward.

The other member who managed to get a slight amount of characterization was Vixen and although it is great to see Mari’s grandmother in action she does lack a bit of Mari’s flair.  Maisie Richardson-Sellers does some decent work as Amaya but at the same time she feels so rigid and studious. I realize this is to breed conflict with the rest of the legends moving forward, but it detracts from her character if all she is is a girl scout. That said, her pairing with Ray manages to work out quite nicely since Amaya isn’t really amazed by all of Ray’s work. In fact the way she disses Ray and in turn a lot of the Legends is quite brilliant, since the large majority of the JSA actually have powers. Amaya points out the JSA is better because of their abilities and cohesion, but as our team proves all the planning in the world is not as valuable as being able to adapt. It was an especially nice moment for Ray to sacrifice his chance at real powers in order to save Nate. It was once again a strong example that for the Legends the team comes first not the mission.

The only aspect that really frustrated me besides the god awful CGI nazi was the arc for Professor Stein. It’s not that Victor Garber did anything or didn’t make the most of the story, it was the fact that we have seen Stein be a righteous dick to the team multiple times already. There was absolutely no reason to be forced to re-tread this ground as it is as played out as say Rip telling the team to not screw with the timeline. I have to believe that somewhere deep at the beginning of the episode Stein knew Jax was right, but simply refused to admit due to his hubris. This also helped to spotlight just how much Jax has grown as a character and that his behavior in the finale last year wasn’t a fluke. Franz Drameh is definitely rising to the occasion and evolving his character in some fun ways.

Overall it was an ok episode, I just have no idea what the hell is going on unlike the other DC shows.

Final Grade C

+Excellent character development for Nate Heywood

+Vixen has some nice rough edges

+JSA vs Legends fight

-Hourman being killed off

-CGI Nazi

-The JSA was super bland

-I have no idea what is going on or where the Legion of Doom is.

Extra Thoughts

-How in the hell does Reverse Flash killing Hourman not create a massive paradox in our story. Like there should be an army of Time Wraiths.

-The way Obsidian’s powers were displayed were pretty great. Really want to see more.

-So the Legion wants this amulet that Hitler had. If it has ties to Vandal in some way I won’t be surprised.

-I know I didn’t’t talk about it in the main review, but what the hell was with the CGI nazi. You could use a little of the King Shark budget.

-I feel that Jax has completely forgotten about his transmutation ability, you know because of the budget.

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