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SEASON PREMIER REVIEW: The Flash 3×01 “Flashpoint”

Well, that was super short lived. Only Barry could find a way to take one of the best storylines and condense it down to its bear minimum. Oh well, worth it. So here we are, “Flashpoint”, one of the if not the most prominent storylines of the past decade and The Flash has decided it was time for Barry to firmly ruin the timeline. Cisco’s rich, Joe’s a drunk, Wally is The Flash, Iris never really talked to Barry, and Caitlin is an ophthalmologist. You know normal Barry dicking around with the timeline shit. What “Flashpoint” manages to do really well is make it stick that Barry’s actions have real consequences this time and Barry is not going to be able to easily remedy the changes he has made. It will be fascinating to see just how far reaching these changes will be or if we strictly sticking to these minor changes.

First off just give Matt Letscher a god damn contract and an award. Letscher just manages to nail Thawne everytime we get to see him and nowhere is this more evident than tonight where we get to see just how threatening and in control he is over this entire situation. You would think being locked in a cage would put him at a disadvantage, but apparently Thawne is no more dangerous than when he has everything going against him. Watching him taunt Barry about losing his speed, the changes he has made, and his declaration that Barry would “beg him to kill his mother again” were absolutely chilling. Out of all the Arrowverse villains only Thawne has managed to not lose his luster yet. The only thing that really confused me is where this leaves Thawne, as he ominously left Barry on Joe’s porch. I mean sure things are never linear when it comes to Reverse-Flash, but the way things left off seem to imply he is back and not dead and gone. I hope this isn’t the case but he sure seems to have escaped being erased by the timeline for the moment.

As for the actual “Flashpoint” itself, it does feel as if it was lacking the scope that should have been allowed. I mean we don’t get to see what was happening to the world outside the purview of our hero and even then the changes are minimal at best. There is a little bit of leniency as there was no way this Flashpoint was ever going to reach the levels of the comic. However a little bit more fleshing out would have done wonders for the characters, heck even an extra episode may have spiced things up royally. Everything just felt so skin deep; Barry’s happy life, Wally Kid Flashing the place up, the tension between Joe and Iris. It feels like we were never even close to the actual story and being kept at arms length for developments. I mean we got all of two minutes of Flashpoint Team Flash being together, and we didn’t even get to see what Wells was up to. We really needed time to breath and to let thing sink in because as of right now the whole paradox portion of the event will ring a little hollow.

I mean it was definitely a thrill to get to see Barry be happy and everything, but there was just so much we could learn in the twenty four to forty eight hours we got to spend with his happy little family. We needed to see what Barry has been doing for the past three months as a I doubt it was simply just spending quality time with his parents. I mean has he really not had the urge to save people until this very moment of has he secretly on the side been The Flash. I mean if this is an entirely separate universe than wouldn’t it make sense to show us the ins and outs rather than just the edges of the world we are now inhabiting. I am really just praying the actual paradox portion of this affair will pay off and make me care about Barry dicking around.

Last but not least we have the introduction of The Rival, who for all intents and purposes manages to do exactly what we need him to do. He is intimidating, faster than Wally, a dick, and as of the paradox an actual constant for us. If The Rival is meant to exist in any possible timeline then that means we are not simply dealing with a singular multiverse, but a fragmented mess that we may never be able to remedy. He also got some cool speed fights as he seems to be at least at early season two levels of speed for Barry to face off against. We also got a bizarre tease for Doctor Alchemy. Not sure what is going on there, but it seems like we are not done after drunk Joe shot him during the Flashpoint.

Overall it was a solid beginning to the season, I just hope the meat and potatoes actually makes up for a seemingly skin deep Flashpoint.

Final Grade B-

+Matt FUCKING Letscher

+The Rival was a fun villain

+Good intro to Flashpoint and not seemingly over

-Really a skin deep adaptation

-Reverse Flash is alive again

-Not enough time spent for the changes to actually mean anything

Extra Thoughts

-Thawne’s “I just want to hear you say it” was the perfect capper to everything that was happening

-Second best line of the night “Have I been kidnapped?” “Unsure” just a nice hearty laugh.

-I have always wondered how is Flashpoint not punishable by Time Wraith? Seems like something the Speedforce would care about.

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