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SEASON PREMIERE REVIEW: Supergirl 2X01 “The Adventures of Supergirl”

And faster than a speeding bullet, we are back with another season of Supergirl. With new locales, new jobs, new characters, a new logo, and a new network, Season Two hit the ground running in a big way.

Last season left us off with a cliffhanger of who was in the mysterious pod that crashed into National City. That mystery is solved within the first minute with a rather unsatisfying, “we’re not sure.” The pod’s inhabitant is a young man who may or may not be a Kryptonian (more than likely is the character, Mon-El), but the show pushes this story to the side in favor of getting to bigger and better things.

Namely – SUPERMAN.

Right in the midst of Kara and James’ first date, the Venture shuttle (a space shuttle pulled right out of the mind of Elon Musk) has a suspicious engine malfunction and Kara must ditch James to save the day. However, she is not alone on this mission as, across the country in Metropolis, Clark Kent/Superman (played by Tyler Hoechlin) decides to aide in saving the Venture as well.


The duo save the day in superb fashion, and return to the new fangled DEO (now located in the heart of National City instead of a cave) where they are greeted by Alex Danvers, J’onn J’onzz, and new DEO recruit, Winn (although Winn is not officially a DEO member until the end of the episode). We find out that Lena Luthor, Lex’s sister, was the only person who had a ticket for the Venture spacecraft but decided not to go for the ride.

Kara and Clark meet up with Lena Luthor (Merlin’s Katie McGrath) who swears she is not another evil Luthor, and hopes that Clark can trust her. While skeptical, Kara and Clark decide to just keep a close eye on Lena. This pays off well as we find out that Lena was actually the target of the Venture explosion, and that a hitman has a price on her head. It is not long before the hitman, James Corben (Taboo’s Frederick Schmidt), sends military-grade drones to finish the job. Supergirl and Superman do their thing, and once again, save the day.


The episode culminates with one final attack on Lena Luthor by Corben as he tries to distract Supergirl and Superman with a crumbling building, while he takes Lena out with his own hands. Unlucky for him, this is a show about powerful women and Alex is there to take him on. Supergirl arrives at the fight just as Corben gets the upper-hand and threatens Alex with a gun to her head. In this tense moment, Corben reveals that Lex was the one who hired the hit (in reaction to Lena deciding to rename LuthorCorp, LCorp), and as he is about to pull the trigger on Alex, Lena pulls the trigger on her own gun, shooting Corben several times.

The gang all gets together once more at the DEO, and we are given the best news of all: Superman is staying for awhile! That’s doubly good news as  there is a big bad brewing in Cadmus prison. In the final scene of the episode, Corben is shown being experimented on, and his caretaker gives him his new name: Metallo.

In the midst of all this action, this episode tangled with Kara finding out who she is and what she wants in this world. After fighting side-by-side with her cousin (and more importantly, reporting side-by-side), Kara decides to tell Cat Grant that the job she wants to be given is reporter. In a heartfelt moment, Cat reveals that she knew Kara had the potential to be a reporter since she hired her two years ago, and that she was just waiting for Kara to realize it herself.

The B-story isn’t all good news for Kara as we unfortunately saw the end of her relationship that never started with James Olsen. Kara/Supergirl is on the rise, and sorry Jimmy, a boyfriend is not in the cards.

With Supergirl transitioning to a new network and having a smaller budget, I’m sure many fans watched this episode with bated breath. Fans can rest easy as it seems we are still getting one of the best superhero shows out there, and with that, I can confidently say that the show has not lost a bit of its charm. Even with the addition of Superman, the show smartly keeps its focus on Melissa Benoist’s superb Supergirl, and as long as it does that, this show will continue to please fans.

While the episode seemed to distance itself from story lines of past (pushing the Kryptonian pod to the side, no mention of Maxwell Lord/Sam Lane, ending the Kara/James relationship before it even started), I can’t blame the CW for taking the show into bigger directions. It might have been a bit too much to stuff into one episode, but I can hardly complain. With Superman joining the her team, a Luthor in the mix, and the promise of Metallo being the season villain, season Two of Supergirl is shaping up to be one hell of a ride.

Episode Grade: B+

+Melissa Benoist as Supergirl: continuing her streak of stellar work. From her scenes with Cat on becoming a reporter to letting James go to her banter with Superman, Benoist continues to nail it.

+Tyler Hoechlin as Superman: from his role in Teen Wolf to his role Everbody Wants Some, I’ve been excited to see how Hoechlin would do since I heard he got the role. He did not disappoint, and all I can say is: eat your heart out, Henry Cavil.

+Cat/Kara conversations about being a reporter, balancing life.

+Winn fan-boying after Superman is the comedic highlight of the episode

+New characters: Mon-El, Lena Luthor, Metallo!

-Winn is suddenly qualified to work at the DEO? And learned the Kryptonian language? I’m glad he is still here, but it was a bit of a jump.

-J’onn J’onzz/Superman rift seems a little forced.

-Cat Grant’s weird obsession with Clark Kent. Shown in one scene and hopefully never to be seen again.

Did you enjoy the season premiere of Supergirl? What did you think of Supergirl and Superman teaming up? Tell us what you think in the comments or on Twitter!

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