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REVIEW: Arrow 5×06 “So It Begins”

Bullshit. Not just bullshit, but like the biggest non believable red herring. Yet at the same time I really want to know if it is true because holy shit would this be a set up for the season going forward. So, “So It Begins” for the most part is a lot of table setting and looping in certain characters to what exactly Oliver was like before he took up his no kill code. I mean the new team has some fun elements this week in dealing with the fact Oliver was blatantly murdering people for years. Flashback Ollie manages to come face to face with Kovar and learn just how much of a threat he seems to be. Lastly Prometheus made his presence known and apparently we now have a small guess at who he actually is. For setting the table we definitely have a lot of things now set up, and moving forward it seems as if this season is going to go big.

So let’s start with the big star of tonights episode, Prometheus. Man is this guy becoming a great villain. Not only is he imposing and utterly terrifying, but he is hella smart apparently. I mean The List anagram thing was a bit convoluted, but the final reveal of what all of his weapons are made out of shows just how much of a personal vendetta he has against Oliver. I love the idea of him taking the thing Oliver uses to save the city in order to murder and strike fear into Oliver and the team. Now that they know that Prometheus has access to SCPD and all of the cases Oliver has helped bring to justice it changes the way Oliver and the team will have to operate. I mean this further whittles down the number of people Oliver can trust both as the Green Arrow and as Mayor. Just a great turn and a fantastic way to build up this big bad.

The only part of all this build up that doesn’t add up is the finale cliffhanger involving Lance. I mean as cool as it would be for him to have a Dr. Jekyll/ Mr. Hyde personality split and be living out his fantasy of making Oliver pay for all of the pain and suffering he has brought on him, it just doesn’t fully add up. Lance does not have the training to be able to take on Oliver and even if his drunken state is Prometheus I am fairly confident that he has some modicum of restraint. This would mean Malone may be Prometheus, but that also feels to on the nose. We know Prometheus is smart so if he is indeed setting up SCPD and Lance as his fall guy, it begs the question why. Is it simply to get back at Oliver for some unknown reason, or does he want to fully ruin the city’s trust in any form of protector? I really can’t wait to see who Prometheus truly is and if he is Lance I want to know why.

As for the team I am honestly shocked Ollie has not told them about the list, which leads me to believe they know nothing about seasons 1-4. I mean do they know about Tommy, Slade, Ra’s, Merlyn, Ollie’s past on the island and with the Bratva? What other important facts that they should probably know are being hidden from them. I mean I understand Ollie wanting to keep some information close to the vest, but what happens if any of the former big bads pop up and the team are not prepared to take them on. I mean Rory, Evelyn, and Curtis have a slight point that Oliver is supposed to be somewhat trusting of the team. Especially Evelyn, who despite being a little immature was right to call Ollie out on his hypocrisy. It seems like the team is coming to more of an understanding and I can only hope Oliver will sit them down at tell them everything about what he was doing for the past nine years.

As for the flashbacks, we are definitely setting the table for next week as Ollie has finally come face to face with Konstantin Kovar. I mean we don’t get to see much of him, but the man can sure make an impression. I am wondering how this Bratva War is supposed to Play and just how important a piece Oliver will be in the struggle. Even more so I am still wondering how this all leads to Ollie ending up back on the island. Surely this flashbacks have to end with Oliver on the island, but how exactly is Kovar supposed to play into all this. A lot of questions, unfortunately not a whole lot of answers at the moment.

Overall it was a really strong episode of Arrow, so we are now six for six. I guess another three are on the table.

Final Grade A-

+Ollie meeting Kovar

+Everything involving Prometheus

+The team’s distrust of Oliver

+Great action

-Curtis is still entirely useless

-The fake feels to forced

Extra Thoughts

-Rory’s family makes moonshine and he offers it to minors! Man love his character.

-Kovar just casually braking that dudes neck may be the scariest thing in this entire episode. Hell of a lot of raw power.

-All of the trick arrows, they are all great. Also the tennis ball drill, I’ve missed that.

-Where in the fuck is Malcolm? Like not even a mention of Merlyn at all this year.

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