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REVIEW: The Flash 3×08 “Invasion” Pt 1

Guys, The Flash part didn’t suck this year. We are making a hell of a lot of progress as “Invasion” starts in earnest. So in the past couple of years we have been building towards this idea of Barry and Oliver being the start of something grander than themselves. Something more important and more powerful than this singular parts of its whole. Now in earnest it is here, the beginnings of the Justice League. Sure the name players aren’t quite where we want them to be yet, hell Barry and Oliver don’t even know about Clark or J’onn but the skeletal structure is here and they are dealing with a big threat. I mean Vandal and Captain Boomerang were fun and all but this is the Dominators. Something that requires a true blue team and not the island of misfit toys that is the Legends. By the end of this week we will have the League in earnest on DCTV,  and boy that is going to be something exciting.

So let’s start with part one of “Invasion” and how it finally brings home a lot of things that had been boiling under the surface. I honestly thought Cisco was getting over Barry killing his brother, but to see him lose it because Barry was choosing to hide the fact he cannot be trusted in 2056 was icing on the cake. Carlos Valdes has been doing excellent work playing a fractured version of Cisco and the idea that he can no longer trust his former best friend as depressing. I mean for two years Barry and Cisco have been inseparable and now it seems as if they will never truly be strong friends again. I mean Cisco has all the right in the world to be angry at Barry for creating Flashpoint and screwing with everyones lives, but I don’t think we as an audience can fully comprehend the level of anger Cisco has. This makes the vision where he is fighting Killer Frost all the more interesting because I now believe it is possible he will team up with Savitar in order to get Dante back. If Dark Cisco is coming boy is Team Flash in trouble.

Another really strong aspect of tonight was watching Oliver mentor Barry and seeing the lengths he will go to in order to support his friend. I mean Ollie has made plenty of stupid mistakes over the years, but never quite rewriting history bad. Stephen Amell does an excellent job of showing Oliver’s support for Barry in the leadership role. He is willing to follow our favorite speedster to the ends of the earth in order to fulfill the mission, but we all know Ollie has a blindspot for those he loves. I am left wondering if Ollie will continue fulfilling the Batman role of this new League or if he will actually step up and take command. Also all of Team Arrow got all of the amazing dialogue tonight with Ollie and Diggle being the standouts. Forewarning, there will be a lot of Team Arrow quotes in extra thoughts tonight.

Unfortunately, the weakest aspect of this crossover were the first timers of Legends and Supergirl. I mean they were still fun to see interact with everyone, they just unfortunately had very little to do tonight as we had to deal with like five plot lines. I did love the Legends being angry at Barry for screwing with the timeline and Sara’s candid acknowledgement that no matter how badly she wants Laurel back she will never make that mistake. Other than that though there was really nothing else going on with the team. I mean sure Stein found out that his messing with his past self has created a daughter, but it was such a short lived reveal that we have no idea how the other Legends will react. Even Supergirl’s appearance didn’t add much to the whole affair and it feels as if she will be relegated to the Hawkgirl role of last years crossover. Seemingly important but easily forgotten in the grand scheme of things.

As for the villains of the crossover, the Dominators definitely have the right terrifying look going for them. I do like the idea that they have been to earth before and were seemingly stopped by the team in the 1950’s, but their end game other than global domination seems vague at best. I mean there is nothing wrong with a simple take over the world story, but there simply has to be more to them. Also why would the only abduct the human members of the League at the end besides Mick? Is there something special we don’t know yet that makes them super important or is it simply because Arrow is the next part of the crossover? So many questions that need to be answered in the next two hours.

Despite that gripe man was it cool to see everyone team up and Ollie and Barry fight the mind controlled team. It was a little bit weak to divide the teams so neatly as to have Barry only deal with the powered people, while Ollie fought all of his friends. But, the choreography and special effects were definitely on point, especially Ollie vs Sara and Barry dodging Supergirl’s heat vision. So freaking cool I clapped my hands together with joy. Hopefully we didn’t blow the whole budget tonight and get some more cool scenes in parts two and three.

Overall it was a great start to the crossover, now we just need to keep up the momentum for Arrow 100.

Final Grade A-

+Excellent material for Team Flash and Arrow

+Solid comedy

+Great Action

+Pissed off Cisco

+Wally subplot

-Dominators grand plan is vague

-Not a lot for the Legends and Supergirl to do

Extra Thoughts

-Top lines go to Oliver and Barry’s exchange about why Barry needs help if only for Barry admitting there is yet another evil speedster but “thats not the point”. Runner up goes to everything that comes out of David Ramsey’s mouth tonight especially the part about “never taking drugs because he was afraid they would make him see things”. I laughed a lot tonight.

-So yeah, the entire Wally subplot was fun and worth time to talk about if only because Wally got  put in his place and now HR is going to help him out. Kid Flash is coming.

-Stein made himself a kid, well this will be really confusing for everyone. Five bucks Ray or Nate hits on her.

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