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REVIEW: Gotham 3×09 “The Executioner”

Life has returned to normal after the US elections, but not on Gotham. The recap tells us we’re back for another bumpy ride, with the story of Ivy; the love triangle of Ed, Oswald, and Isabella; Jim going back to the GCPD; and Barnes with Alice Tetch’s poisoned blood coursing through his veins, commanding him to rid Gotham of the guilty – every last wrong-un and ne’er do well.

It’s a very long and complicated episode this week, so we’ve left out some details, rather than give all the spoilers away.

We enter on the Gotham City Police Department, where Jim and Lee are talking about Simon Maxwell. Jim asks if Lee has talked to Barnes. She knows he knows and can’t believe it’s true that he would suspect Barnes of murdering Maxwell. Jim meanwhile expresses his concerns to Bullock. He too can’t believe it’s true, he says possibly the best line of the show, if not the series:

“If he so much as jaywalked he’d write himself a ticket!”

Bullock agrees to help Jim, but to find Barnes innocent, not guilty.

Meanwhile, Barnes is in an abandoned warehouse (Gotham seems to have a lot of those!) and is standing before three supposed criminals, each with their hands tied, and a noose around their necks. They’re standing on chairs, and Barnes is preaching to them about how he had kept files on all three of them for years, but couldn’t do anything about them until they had enough evidence. He pronounces their crimes: sex trafficking; drugs; and murder. Barnes kicks the chairs out from under them, saying they’ve been tried, found guilty, and sentenced: “Justice is served”. This is going to be an interesting episode.

Ivy as we know is all grown up now, and roaming the streets of Gotham seeking out well-heeled gents to cheat out of their worldly goods. Tonight she is with an antiquities dealer, who wants to show her more than just his ancient Egyptian scarabs. She asks what’s upstairs – he says the bedroom…and the vault. Silly man! He thinks he’s in with a chance, and so follows her upstairs. She tells him a bit about herself, as he says they barely know one another. She says, “I’m Ivy, I’m from Gotham. I meet men and they give me things”. He doesn’t believe her, but she goes further, saying how she’s always been good with plants, and is especially so now. She dabs herself with a perfume that makes men fall for her. He’s in her power and opens the vault, and as the door swings open she slams him against the wall. Inside the vault her eyes are attracted to a sparkling green gem. She steals it and runs. He comes back to life and she knees him – OW – right in the groin, and is off like a flash.

Back at the Mayoral Mansion, Ed and Oswald are at breakfast. Ed is checking his watch, as Isabella hasn’t as yet called him to say she’s back from her Librarian conference. Suddenly the phone rings. Ed answers and is told he has to come down to the morgue, where he finds Isabella’s lifeless body. There’s no coming back for this one! Oswald tells Ed that he’s there for him, no matter what…and is rewarded with a huge hug. He holds Ed tightly, narrowly avoiding giving away his immense pleasure.

Ivy turns up at Selina’s squat and confuses her, announcing her true identity. Selina meanwhile calls Bruce who races over – Ivy realises they’re together, which Bruce enthusiastically admits to but Selina denies. They are sooo a couple.

Meanwhile at the GCPD, Jim is riffling around in Barnes’ desk looking at the Tetch file. Barnes of course catches him at it but although Jim says otherwise, he knows what he’s up to. Barnes suggests they go for a little drive, but thankfully, before Barnes gets into the car, Jim tells Bullock where they’re off to.  They visit a guy who works for the mob, and Barnes asks him about Simon. The guy doesn’t have a clue, but Barnes shoots him anyway, and then turns the gun on Jim….Jim manages to escape, but Barnes sends a message back to GCPD saying that Jim has gone loco and killed an innocent man. Thankfully Bullock realises this isn’t quite right, and Lee lets him in on the info that maybe, just maybe, Barnes was affected by Alice’s blood.


Back at Selina’s squat, Bruce hears a noise and realises it’s the mob after the jewel Ivy has stolen. They run and manage to get away, and Bruce offers to buy it from her, so she gets the money and they can give it back to its owner. Returning to the man’s house, they find he’s been murdered. Selina throws the gem, which smashes open – revealing a key. Selina’s house is no longer safe, and so they go to Wayne Manor. Meanwhile, back at Selina’s one of the thugs discovers a secret hiding place behind the fireplace, containing a clipping of Bruce’s parents’ murder….and a photo of Bruce. Oops.

Barnes has found Jim, and they’re facing off each other. Somehow Jim has found a gun. Gotham’s finest arrive, and Bullock shouts at Barnes to say he’s under arrest. A fight ensues between Jim and Barnes – somehow Jim wins – how? How does one win against the Incredible Hulk? It doesn’t matter, Jim shoots him anyway.

Back at the GCPD Lee asks Jim if he’s okay. They have a moment…but they break eye contact just in time. Aww. Returning to the Mayoral mansion, Ed, who realised someone had murdered Isabella, tells Oswald that he knows who has done it…someone with enough money and a reason to do it. Oswald is momentarily afraid…until Ed says…it was BUTCH in revenge for revealing him as the leader of the Red Hood Gang. Which is kinda true.

We close on the voice of Barnes, yelling over and over and over…guilty Guilty GUILTY (and so on). He’s in Arkham. Bye bye Barnes…for now.

Final rating: A+ You’re back on fine form!

Last thoughts: What is going on with Selina not wanting to admit Bruce is her boyfriend?

With Isabella out of the way, does it mean we will actually see romance between Oswald and Ed?

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