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REVIEW: Legends of Tomorrow 2×05 “Compromised”

Man, even if it’s not the strongest week in and week out it sure is fun to watch Legends of Tomorrow. There is just always something new, exciting, and frankly out of this world that takes place and just makes this show so damn enjoyable some times. I mean of all the shows I truly believe that Legends happens to have the best types of character interactions. You rarely end up with a bad pairing and if you do it tends to not weigh down the story as a whole. Let’s look at “Compromised”, you have Mick and Ray, Amaya and Nate, Eobard and Damien. Each one of these pairs added something to the story this week and helped to flesh out the overall narrative. Hell even the background players this week managed to have a lot of fun material this week.

First thing the Legion of Doom is coming and boy am I excited about this. It is always great to see Neal McDonough chewing the scenery as Damien Darhk, and man was there a lot of scenery to be chewed. We got to see two great sides of the character as he played the cocky and self assured Darhk we came to enjoy for most of season four of Arrow, well at the same time seeing him deal with Sara’s big reveal about his future. To see Darhk filed with so much dread and anger at the idea that all of his planning and machinations will be for nothing was a delightful little twist. Even more so now that we seemingly have a desperate Darhk aiming to preserve not only his pride, but also his goals. It does seem as if Eobard is leading this team which does raise a lot of questions about where exactly in his own timeline we are right now. I mean he has made a time bubble which means he has crossed paths with Rip or the time masters before. So many questions and not enough answers yet.

As for the team there were two big stand out pairs, Amaya and Nate as well as Ray and Mick. It was great to see Mick take Ray under his wing and to see further development after that awkward heist from last year. Mick is definitely coming into his own as a character as he is looking to define himself and what he is supposed to be to the team. Is he merely the muscle or can he indeed be a mentor to the not wayward Ray? I also I truly enjoying this Ray arc as he struggles to define himself outside of the Atom suit. Watching him try to be like Snart, himself, and finally finding a seeming middle ground between the two was a solid arc for the week. I mean I have no idea how much longer he will be without his suit, but Ray has managed to develop quite nicely and without the major flaws.

Same thing goes for Nate and Amaya who are definitely much more well rounded characters than the Hawks were last season. I like that Nate truly wants to find out more about his family and that Amaya is struggling to come to terms that she abandoned her team n 1942. Each storyline could have felt hokey, but both actors manage to play well off each other and adding Obsidian this week was a solid counterpoint to their arc. I do find it strange the team is trying to keep the future from Amaya, at some point she is going to find out about the future and what it holds. I mean they are on a time machine after all. It is especially great that she has begun opening up to Nate and talking about her past. I mean sure, Amaya doesn’t fully trust this band of misfits, but they trust her like she is part of their family.

There were unfortunately two elements that just didn’t stick for me, Stein’s arc and Sara’s arc. Stein at this point in time does not need to be reminded of how selfish and arrogant he was in the past. We have see these flaws before and they don’t play well for the hundredth time. I mean there has to be another arc they can give Stein, he is a well rounded character and not just a narc all the time. Same thing goes for Sara and her stupid mistake of telling Darhk about his future. I mean Rip has to be watching everything from the safety of his time bunker and calling Sara a moron for giving Darhk a reason to team up with Eobard. Oh well, I guess time nazi’s aren’t the worst thing the team has dealt with.

Overall it was a very solid episode, but where the hell is Rip?

Final Grade B+

+Excellent team dynamics

+Fun setting

+Solid action

+Legion of Doom formation

-Sara telling Darhk his future

-Stein having only the one plot

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