REVIEW: Legends of Tomorrow 2×06 “Outlaw Country”

Alright, now we can take a week off and have everything set for the crossover in two weeks, but before we get there “Outlaw Country”. So yeah Legends will never be deep or well thought, but damn if it isn’t enjoyable week in and week out. “Outlaw Country” manages to recapture a lot of the fun we experienced last season when Jonah Hex popped into the mix, weirdly this episode also shares a lot of similarities. It is largely a filler episode that manages to at the same time set up plot points moving forward. It also manages to resolve a few different character arcs we had been dealing with for the past few episodes. Ray not having a suit, Amaya and Mick having a contentious relationship, there being no real ramifications for the teams actions in the past. All of these plot lines are seemingly resolved in a clean and efficient manner, while still leaving some minor dangling plots for the future.

The first big plot that happens this week is the developing relationship between Jonah and Sara. Sara has constantly been working over the course of the season to gain the trust of old friends and new allies. So for Hex, a person who really hates everyone and everything to acknowledge her skill and leadership abilities is a huge step. The only downside to the whole thing is that apparently the only way Sara can bond with people is to talk about her vengeance and desire to not be the assassin she once was. I mean it’s all well in good when this plot works, but Sara has to have more than one layer, same as Stein and Amaya. At least now Sara is playing to her level, sure it is mostly a one and a half note level but it is still a level.

Where Sara’s persona has somewhat stagnated, Amaya and Mick are both able to flourish. I love the idea that on some level Mick and Amaya are the same person. They both have uncontrollable rage that is masked under a seemingly calm demeanor. Amaya may not want to admit this act but she does have to deal with this anger and darkness and Mick is bringing a light to their situation. I also really enjoyed the idea of Amaya showing Mick what his worth may actually be and that he has some semblance of control over his rage. Mick has always been a tool whether it be to Snart in some manner, the Time Masters, hell even the team on some level. The question now becomes who is the man Mick desires to be, the outlaw, the hero, or simply the wild beast he believes himself to be. It is clear that Mick has been given the most chance to evolve past his previous criminal behavior and I can’t wait to see where this all ends up.

Same thing goes for the Stein storyline which I was very afraid would be put to the back burner much the same way of future Barry’s message. Having Stein and by extension Jax now be on a mission to discover who this mystery woman is and how they changed Martin’s future adds a fun wrinkle. It finally makes the team’s adventure have more weight and seemingly show there are repercussions for their actions. I mean is Clarissa erased from all existence and who exactly is this mystery woman in the grand scheme of things? I mean all we know is that Stein thinks he is in love with her. I am assuming since the team is heading back to 2016 for a little bit we will find out more about her, for better or worse.

The only part that wasn’t great until the very end was Ray and Nate getting the dwarf star. It’s not that there is anything inherently wrong with Ray getting his suit back, it just seems so easy in retrospect that I am shocked Ray didn’t simply have Gideon search for dwarf star before. That being said I still love the mentor mentee relationship of Ray and Nate. Watching the two of them become science bros and team has been one of the pleasant surprises of the season. I am really excited to see how Nate’s costume plays into everything and what if any modification Ray makes to his new suit.

Overall it was a pretty solid episode, but let’s bring on the crossover already.

Final grade B-

+Sara becoming a more capable leader

+Amaya and Mick bonding

+Jonah Hex return

+Stein storyline

-Lame wild west storyline

-Ray getting his suit back very easily

-Sara came off as one note

Extra Thoughts

-Nate has limits and apparently is not invincible. Yay

-Citizen Steel costume looks pretty cool, can’t wait to see it in the crossover.

-Manopause. Jax with the jokes this week.

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