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REVIEW: Supergirl 2×05 “Crossfire”

One of the biggest strengths of Supergirl has always been its ability to keep such an otherworldly premise grounded in our reality. Though there are aliens, super laser guns, and masked vigilantes, the show never fails to remind us that its characters have real emotions and are dealing with serious, real life-choices. “Crossfire” put forth some of the strongest human moments so far leaving us with the best post-Superman episode of the season

The episode opens with Kara excitedly putting Mon-El through a “getting dressed” montage. Why? Mon-El, under the moniker Mike Matthews, is the newest intern at CatCo. With each passing week, we have been getting more and more of Chris Wood’s Mon-El, and with each week, we are seeing what an excellent addition he is to the show, especially to the show’s comedic elements. Wood plays fish-out-of-water exceedingly well, but with a dumb confidence that makes the trope feel fresh and gives way to some big laughs.


Melissa Benoist also brings her comedy chops out this week as she tries to make Mon-El seem like a passable human. Whether it’s her describing Twizzlers to him or reacting to hearing him have sex with James’ secretary, Benoist has found the sweet spot for Kara’s awkward comedy. Though Mon-El is fired from CatCo by the episode’s end, I look forward to more of his brand of comedic relief (and the “will they, won’t they” relationship that is definitely building between him and Kara).

The main bulk of the episode’s action dealt with Cadmus arming bank robbers with high-tech laser weapons. Though on its own this part of the story didn’t have much going for it (it literally was just robbers with super guns who in the end are stopped by an EMP made by Lena Luthor), many of the main characters got involved with these villains in interesting character-building ways (and even let Supergirl do some lite commentary on the current state of guns in the United States).

James Olsen, finally making his way back into an actual story line of the show, finds himself disgruntled with his role as CatCo head. After having his father’s camera destroyed (R.I.P. camera) during the first encounter with the bank robbers, James is invigorated to fight back. James tries to take on the robbers by himself armed with a baseball bat and some grit, but soon finds that the hero path, though fulfilling, may be more than he can handle. Lucky for James, former love triangle rival Wynn is there to encourage him to keep at it (and to promise to make him a real superhero suit). Mechad Brooks brings some real depth to James this week, reminding us how much we missed him in the main story line.

Likewise, Alex Danvers is having her own type of identity crisis as the bank robbers brings her close again with Detective Maggie Sawyer. Chyler Leigh certainly deserves major credit for putting forth a very understated performance as Alex struggles with her sexuality, and her feelings for Maggie. What started out as an inkling of interest has slowly developed into something real, and Leigh does a fantastic job at showing Alex’s confusion over what is happening to her. In her last scene of the episode, Alex reveals to Maggie her feelings and new discoveries about herself, but there is no kiss, only the revelation. I appreciate the show for taking its time with this character development, and for making this journey about Alex discovering herself, rather than just falling in love with Maggie.


As mentioned before, the robbers are stopped at Lena Luthor’s gala (an event she planned in order to stop them), and are to be taken away to prison. However, before they can be shackled and interrogated, the ever-present lead Doctor of Cadmus kills them from the shadows. After this big shock, the episode leaves us with one more big surprise: the head of Cadmus is none other than Lena Luthor’s mother.

This episode was a nice step up from last week’s blah Alien Fight Club nonsense. Though the main action of the story was thin, it did allow for more screen time and character growth amongst all the characters. As more and more of the paths are laid out in front of us for the rest of the season (Kara/Mon-El, Alex/Maggie, Super James/Wynn, Lena/Cadmus, J’onn/M’Gann (wow there are a lot of binary relationships!)), I excitedly await to see where these many story lines are heading.

Episode Grade: B+

+Mon-El at the office.

+Alex’s struggle with her sexuality


+Cadmus Reveal

Main plot was a little thin… same with the villains

Mon-El is already fired!?

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