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REVIEW: Supergirl 2×08 “Medusa”

It’s the winter finale of Supergirl and if you came looking for a satisfying conclusion to any arc that has been started this season, then I am sorry to say that you will be sorely disappointed. However, if you wanted to see some characters make out (snog as I believe the British audience says)  then…


….you will be very happy because indeed, some characters DO make out. But more on that later.

Supergirl started this episode with a Thanksgiving dinner at Kara’s. Much like the recently released Gilmore Girls reboot, things were light-hearted, fast-talking, and an attractive mother figure (Helen Slater returning at Eliza Danvers) shared some advice with her children, i.e. letting Kara know that Mon-El obviously is in love with her. The rest of the crew (James, Wynn, and Alex) all argue over whether or not to tell Kara about James being the Guardian, but this is quickly thrown away when a mysterious portal (but not mysterious to anyone who has ever watched a trailer for an episode of The Flash) appears and disappears over the Thanksgiving table.

Whilst Kara goes about investigating to see if Lena Luthor knows anything about her mother’s actions (a dead end for Kara, but it cause Lena to be suspicious of her mother), Mon-El heads to the alien bar for a drink only to run into Cyborg Superman. The two fight in the bar’s back alley with Cyborg Superman readily taking down Mon-El and escaping, but the real damage takes place back inside as Cyborg Superman left a gas bomb which detonates killing only the alien patrons.

Though not immediately (he waits until Kara asks him about how he feels about her), Mon-El succumbs to the virus back at the DEO, falling into a coma. Luckily, Eliza, along with being a wise mother, is also a genius bio-chemical scientist and quickly finds that the virus (codename: MEDUSA) is of Kryptonian origin, and that it is lethal to all aliens except Kryptonians.


Kara flies to the Fortress of Solitude for more answers and it is there she finds out that it was her own who created the virus as a weapon if Krypton was every invaded. Kara feels immense guilt and shame for her families actions and it is only with the advice of J’onn (who reveals his White Martian problem) that Kara is able to keep fighting.

Through some heavy exposition, the DEO finds that the only way to weaponize the Medusa virus is through an isotope located at Lena Luthor’s L-Corp. Supergirl arrives at L-Corp just in time to fight Cyborg Superman, who although takes the upper hand in the fight, runs away when another mysterious portal appears.

The story takes a small respite here for some love storylines to progress, and for those shipping Kara and Mon-El all season, you’re in luck. Mon-El awakens from his coma to an onlooking Kara, and after some sweet nothings come from their mouths, they lock lips in one of the nicer moments of the episode. It brought back a lot of the memories I had from watching Clark and Lana kiss for the first time way back when on Smallville.

Also progressing their love story were Alex and Maggie. After weeks of one liking the other while the other doesn’t, the two finally found themselves on the same page as Maggie finally realizes she does want to be with Alex after Alex thanks her for helping her come out. The two kiss at the end of the episode, and the best story of arc of the season came to a satisfying close.

Now back to the nonsense main story.

After confronting her mother, Lena decides to hand over the necessary isotope to her mother and Cadmus, citing her innate evil Luthor-ness and wishing to be closer to her mother. The two move forward with their plan and arm a missile to disperse the virus throughout National City.

Luckily, Wynn put out a sensor for virus missiles (I wish I was kidding about that, but that is essentially what he did), and sends Kara and J’onn to the location to save the day. Lena herself sends the missile off (citing she is who she is). Kara heads off to stop the missile while J’onn turns into a White Martian to battle Cyborg Superman.

Both of them fail.

The missile releases the virus and Cyborg Superman gets the upper-hand in the fight, but lucky for them, Supergirl attacks Cyborg Superman with his back turned, and Lena switched out the virus before the missile was sent off. The battle ends with Lillian off to prison and Cyborg Superman escaping unseen.


Post battle, the gang reconvenes back at the DEO. Eliza has figured out how to control the Medusa virus and not only has cured Mon-El (who has inexplicably forgotten his kiss with Kara, but still obviously harbors feelings for her), but has also cured J’onn of his White Martian blood problem. Before any more deus ex machinas could occur, we are shown a aliens on a ship in space who let it be known their quest to capture Mon-El.

The episode finishes by finally paying off the portal gimmick that been appearing throughout the episode when The Flash‘s Barry Allen and Cisco Ramon (Grant Gustin and Carlos Valdes) appear in Kara’s apartment. Barry asks for Kara’s help and thus begins the 4-show crossover that will continue with The Flash. 

I can’t help but feel this episode was a rushed job that was either made this way or edited this way to fit into the crossover event. There was so much matter-of-fact exposition and quick, easy resolutions that it’s hard for me to believe that this is the same show that I had been watching for the past year and a half. Guardian’s storyline (I know, I know: I’m the only one who likes this storyline) was completely thrown aside, J’onn’s storyline was resolved with a sentence, and none of the main story was resolved by the main heroes. The heroes of this first half of the season were Lena Luthor and Eliza Danvers. Who would have thought?

Hopefully things will fair better over the course of the crossover and the rest of the season, but for now, I’m not too upset that there is no new Supergirl’s until next year. Until then, have all the happy holidays, and see you in January!

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