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REVIEW: Legends of Tomorrow 2×07 “Invasion!” Pt 3

You know for being a Legends of Tomorrow episode the Legends sure didn’t have a whole lot to due in retrospect. Thus we conclude “Invasion!” and overall it certainly managed to tell one complete narrative that joined the universes together. However at the end of the day this never really felt like an episode of Legends so much as the crossover narrative that was missing from last nights Arrow. Granted it was exciting and definitely payed off the story we had been building this entire week, but we were just missing a little bit more Legends. I mean if anything this was more of an episode of The Flash as Ray and Jax had literally nothing to do. But man was that final action sequence and subsequent creation of the JLA awesome or what. Now we just need to see how these shows build off the stories they have developed.

So, Cisco has seemingly resolved his issues with Barry as he understands just how easy it is to change the timeline and screw things up. I have to say I am slightly mixed about this as I was enjoying the idea of Cisco being angry at Barry for a while. There was just something so satisfying about watching the two best friends be at odds with each other and debating the ideology of Barry’s choices. We know that Barry’s decisions to mess with the timeline have had effects on people perviously, but for the first time we are actually getting to hear from those people and for them to fully understand Barry’s reasoning. This is what made Cisco’s turn at the end so unfulfilling because he believes that his mistake equates to killing Dante and really they never felt like the two mistakes were on the same level. Cisco was doing what he thought was right while Barry was doing what he wanted. The parallel should have been stronger to make the resolution feel more natural.

As for the other major Legends plot Stein’s resolution felt way more natural. If this season is supposed to be about living with your mistakes and learning to move forward than there was definitely a hell of a lot of progression for Stein. I loved that he was obstinate in his belief that Lily was a mistake but now he is taking a chance to get to know her. Stein has always been headstrong, usually for the worse, but here he is fighting for something he truly wants to have. Victor Garber does really good work and his conversation with Jax at the end helps to show just how strong of a team they truly are. I do wonder how this scene would play out with Ronnie sometimes, but Jax is just such a good companion that I really can’t complain.

As for the final fight, there were definitely some really cool visuals like Firestorm transmitting the bomb, Barry running around and planting the nuero-bombs on the Dominators, and the overall filming of the final confrontation. Everything just felt so much grander as if it was a season finale and that scope definitely paid off in climaxing the story. It does make me wish for more grand fights on Legends rather than the one offs we occasionally get, but there is still plenty to love as we move forward. I do wish the earlier takedown of the one Dominator had a little bit more going for it, but it certainly added a little bit to the story.

Overall this episode was a really nice capper to the story. It just never felt like a Legends episode.

Final Grade B+

+Excellent final fight scene

+Stein’s subplot

+The creation of the JLA

-Supergirl really had nothing to do

-Ray and Jax getting sidelined

-Cisco resolved the plot with Barry to quickly

Extra Thoughts

Brandon Routh’s Superman shoutout was all I wanted and nothing else. I would love to see Kara actually be his cousin

-“Star Spangled Idiot” Mick always has the best lines.

-Supergirl can now move between the two universes. Infinite crossovers inbound.

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