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REVIEW: Legends of Tomorrow 2×08 “The Chicago Way”

To the person who picked Rip hiding out as a sleezy sci-fi movie director, the hell would you want this and thank you. As we approach tonight’s midseason finale “The Chicago Way” we had a lot of questions, what are the Legion of Doom up to, where the hell is Rip, is Snart truly dead, what does Lily’s existence mean to the timeline. Luckily many of these questions are answered in typical Legends fashion, by being balls to the wall and making you question if this show takes itself seriously. I guess thats what makes Legends so much fun that unlike The Flash or Arrow it is just doing what it wants rather than adhering to a true formula or seeming predictable. Legends aims to play with their characters and put them in fun and untested situations and when those situations go awry that is when things get interesting.

So, The Legion of Doom are finally making plays against the team as opposed to being semi unaware or their existence and their mission to stop time aberrations. The Legion however is slightly suffering from Vandal syndrome where they are simply not interesting enough to hold their own. Which is weird considering the Legion is made up of the four most charismatic villains to appear in the DCW universe. Its like Matt Letscher, Neal McDonough, and John Barrowman were just told to go bigger in each scene in ham it up, and although that is usually great when everything is being overacted a lot of the subtlety is lost us. I do enjoy the idea of Malcolm being treated as a lackey to Thawne and Darhk, it just begs the question how long will Malcolm put up with this before double crossing them. We know his price is bringing Tommy back from the dead, but Malcolm has way to much pride to be treated as an underling for very long.

As for the alleged last member of the Legion, Snart is only a hallucination in Mick’s head. I can’t quite figure out if he is a coping mechanism for dealing with the loss of his best friend or if something worse is going on. Either way there are a lot of interesting changes to their dynamic. Mick is not the hot head we have known for so long. He is mature and well rounded, putting others before himself and working towards becoming a functioning human being. The question is how does it effect the team once they find out Mick has been hallucinating Snart. I can’t imagine they will be to thrilled at Mick once again being mentally unstable. I can’t imagine the team will be thrilled after the whole Kronos affair. I am guessing Mick will play this close to the vest and it will come back to bite them in the ass.

As for the entire Stein and Sara plot I felt it was handled quite well over all and that the outcome has certainly changed the team. I mean I can’t imagine Lily is going to be sticking around for very long or not having a huge impact on the team. Sara however does understand Stein’s need to protect his daughter and keep his family safe. Sara at least understands that this team is her family and if Lily is indeed important to Stein, she will help protect her. I am interested to see how Sara reacts to the fact Laurel is somehow back on Arrow and if she will interpret this aberration the same way she is thinking about Lily. Either way we have some nice build up for the back half of the season.

Lastly I want to talk about the Rip reveal and how it seem’s Rip isn’t entirely there. I am wondering if Rip is playing a part or if he has erased his own memory in some type of severe witness protection program. Either way it should be fun seeing the team react to finding out about Rip’s whereabouts and seeing the new team members interact with our captain for the very first time. Also, is Rip so vain he needs to make a movie about himself or is this his own way of sending up a signal to the team so they know where to find him? Should be fun to find out either way.

Overall it was a solid lead out for the next month. I just hope the Spear of Destiny has some actual weight behind its storyline and is not simply a mcguffin.

Final Grade B+

+Solid Chicago setting

+Stein/Sara plot

+The Legion of Doom

+Rip Reveal

+Mick/Snart scenes

-Nate/Ray relationship is becoming a little excessive.

Extra Thoughts

-Dear god Nate and Ray are getting annoying. Seriously behave a little bit

-Really good callback to the machine that will eventually kill Wells-Prime. I forgot about the machine until it was in Thawne’s hands.

-Seriously Sara stop telling the bad guys things.

-Hey it’s Malcolm. Where the hell has he been all year?

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