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REVIEW: The Flash 3×10 “Borrowing Problems from the Future”

Alright, let’s rewrite history and save the girl. Seems like a solid plan for he back half of the season, lets just hope that we don’t get to much filler. So, lets talks about “Borrowing Problems from the Future” which really serves as much more of a table setting or a list than anything else. We are shown the future once again, the events which may lead to it, and the efforts the team will make to stop it from happening. All in all it seems straight forward, but it is how all of these changes will play out and mess with Barry and the team that will make the coming episodes interesting. I mean we are just assuming the changes that Barry will make are all good, more likely something will go horribly wrong. Also we managed to get some fun subplots this episode that serve the lesser developed characters.

So lets talk about the future and the fact Barry is actually sharing with the team what will possibly happen to Iris. Barry could have easily went solo and made things worse, but by involving the team and working together Barry is aiming to fix not only Flashpoint problems, but also larger season problems. Barry’s choice to exclude the team really felt like a retread of early season two, so to see him actually take action and let almost everybody know whats going on is the smart play. It also puts a much more fluid ticking clock on the whole situation as we no longer have only Barry racing against time. Having Cisco actively work to stop Killer Frost or keep the museum opens adds a nice level of purpose to the affairs. The only major issue I have with the whole prevent the future storyline is not telling Joe. We know this will inevitably backfire on the team and it feels very short sighted of Iris to not want Joe’s help.

Speaking of not wanting help, the Barry/Wally drama was definitely a nice touch to what could have been a very drawn out conflict. We got a brief glimpse of Barry being a leader while training Jesse earlier this year, but to see him be full Oliver is a nice touch. I have been waiting to see Barry lead the team and make the big decisions and now that he has Cisco, Wally, and Jesse at his side Barry has to act like a semi functioning adult. Grant Gustin has done a great job showing Barry’s progression from an immature show off to the hero we know now and his pep talk to Wally has helped to cement his role as team leader. Barry knows he has to build up all the rookies if he is going to be able to take down Savitar. Now he is laying the building blocks for this fight in the right way, as opposed to when they sought to fight Zoom last year.

Similarly, we had a nice arc involving Cisco learning to accept HR more and welcome his contributions. Carlos Valdes’ Cisco has been the character who has suffered the most since Flashpoint as he has become a lot more cold and harsh due to the death of Dante. But here he is actively trying to help HR and understand why HR is important to the team’s success. We could have easily been left to suffer or loose the lightheartedness that has made Cisco a fan favorite, but we need to find a true balance. Now Cisco seems like he is finding the right mixture rather than simply being a distant friend to certain parts of the team. It really is a nice change of pace and I really hope we continue to see Lades stretch his range a little bit.

The last bit of story I really enjoyed was the idea that Killer Frost has not fully been dealt with and Caitlin’s attempts to recruit Julian. Granted this probably means Julian is going to die a horrible death, but still I enjoyed seeing Caitlin’s continued attempts to remove her powers. Caitlin has seen what her abilities may cause her to do and that is the last thing she wants to happen not only to herself but her friends. I also really enjoyed the idea of the team not leaving Julian out in the cold so to speak to deal with what he has done as Doctor Alchemy. The team is the best support system anyone could ask for and also Julian’s best/worst chance of preventing a relapse. It will be fun to see just how closely Julian rides the line or if his involvement is somehow related to one of the future events.

Overall it was definitely a solid beginning to the back half of the season. Now the question remains of how long Savitar will remain trapped in the speed force.

Final Grade B

+Barry telling the team about the future

+Wally/Barry Arc

+Julian joining the team

-Cisco being so cold hearted to HR

-Why not tell Joe

-Plunder kind of lame

Extra Thoughts

-Plunder as a villain was a little lame. We could have just used Abra Kadabra but I assume he is being saved.

-Music Meister is coming and apparently gets a six figure book deal. Apparently it pays to be evil.

-I imagine Barry and Cisco’s reaction to another Gorilla attack is not this shit again. My reaction is yay for more Grodd.

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