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REVIEW: Legends of Tomorrow 2×09 “Raiders of The Lost Art”

Ok, props for creative episode titles. This one definitely made me laugh more than it should have. So, “Raiders of the Lost Art” may easily be one of my favorite episodes of Legends easily, if not only for the premise but also that the show has finally decided to lean into just how goofy of a concept this show is. I mean yes we finally get Rip back on some level and the larger plot is taking center stage, but this was just such a ball to watch. From “Phil” being a neurotic mess, to Ray and Nate loosing their memories and skills, to Stein and Mick dealing with Mick’s visions of Snart. It was just a well plotted and fan service filled episode that played to Legends strengths rather than their weaknesses.

So, lets talk about Phil/Rip and what we have learned so far. Rip erased his memories to apparently hide a part of the Spear of Destiny from whoever is hunting him other than the Legion of Doom. There was no logical choice for where Rip was dropped but apparently LA in 1967 was as good a place as any. What is great about this Rip is that he doesn’t have the backbone of our favorite captain and is seemingly stumbling through life while being really, really high. We really haven’t gotten to see a lot of comedy out of Arthur Darvill, but man he nails the humor of the frightened film student in spades. It is also great seeing him begin to man up at the end of the episode rather than simply choose not to be the person the team knows he is. What really helped to seal it was the scene between Rip and Sara on the bridge. In all the time traveling you can easily forge that Rip gave all of these people purpose, so it was just fantastic to see Sara hammer than message home.

As for the actual plot of the episode, yeah George Lucas has had a huge effect on millions of people so the idea of his films not being made would create an aberration. It was big stupid fun and it was nice to see Ray and Nate have to rely on the help of the team in order to carry them around. Also, stupid Ray and Nate were absolutely hilarious, Brandon Routh and Nick Zano played loosing their abilities with just enough heart for it not to feel to over the top. The plot also allowed for Amaya to show just how much her new family means to her. Having her stand up to Lucas rather than another member of the team was a brilliant touch and it shows just how far she has come from wanting to throw the team in Leavenworth.

You also had a really nice plot involving two charters who rarely spend time together in Stein and Mick. Having Mick admit that he is seeing Snart and that he wants it to stop is a big moment for him as a character. Mick has always hated feeling weak, but this was him feeling like a handicap to his team and friends. He knows in order for all of them to survive they need to be honest and sane on some level and Snart telling Mick he has lost his edge puts the entire team at risk. It was great for Stein to confront Mick about everything and say his survivors guilt is what is holding him back. Mick has a true blue arc that will challenge the team to either rally around him or leave him to die. The question is where does Mick go from here.

The last really solid part of the episode was getting to see Merlyn and Darhk just mess with the team and be assholes. I mean it is a simple enough premise as both villains are really fun to watch chew scenery, but this took it to a fun new level. Having them basically be ego magical terminators was a fun touch, but the lack of a real over powering threat managed to play just right with the tone of the episode. The Legion luckily does not suffer from the same issues that plagued Vandal, instead they can occasionally come off as too broad and wacky. For now it is working for them, but eventually they need to become imposing monsters as they can’t simply have Eobard save them all the time.

Overall it was easily one of the best episodes of the season, if not the series.

Final Grade A

+Rip being back and being high

+The Legion being fun villains

+Nate and Ray being dumb

+Mick and Stein plot

-The Legion is becoming a little cartoonish

Extra Thoughts

-Nothing got a bigger laugh out of me that Sara and Jax running by Stein performing brain surgery and being cool with it

-So Ray was apparently still well off as a heart surgeon, Nate on the other hand got gypped by being a yoga instructor. Super lame.

-Second funniest moment goes to Darhk and Merlyn listening to elevator music. Just a basic sight gag that is completely sold by the two actors.

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