Waking the Walking Dead

Since the inception of The Walking Dead back in 2010, I was regaled with stories of “this awesome show” just days after it kicked off that I just had to watch. Working in a large industrial field as I do, though, it is impossible to get away from walkers talk on lunch break while the season is airing.  People really love this show and cannot not talk about it. And of course, they were convinced everyone else should be talking about it, too.  But back then, I wasn’t taking the bait.

When I was promoted off the shop floor and into an office as a tech writer I was certain the engineers and scientists, terribly smart, nerdy people, would surely have better things to talk about than seasonal television series.  But, on my first day of the job as I was settling into my cubicle…bam!!  The Walking Dead talk started up.  I was beginning to realize this was much more than a phenomenon.

Until this point I had no idea the dead walked on Sunday nights, thus making for THE Monday water-cooler talk. AND until this point I had no idea this series was based on a comic (or that the comic was still going on). I was catching on though, starting to see how my nerd brigade had got caught up in the hype.

Intrigued myself now, I had to Google the comic book that spurred the television series.  Huge eye opener.   While the comic book is awesome, The Walking Dead had obviously spread like hot walking zombies.  This little gem of pop culture has been the inspiration for more than just a television series.  Spin-offs, festivals, poker tournaments, are only a few The Walking Dead breathed creations, so I decided to stream Season One to see if it even dimly compared.

Needless to say, I became a marathoner of this pop culture morsel of awesome and my zombie-lust was awakened!

Then it happened…I caught up.  And not only did I catch up, I ran out!  No more Dead?  I found myself becoming anxious, restless, unsatisfied with television.  It would be forever until the next season released.  FOR-E-VER!!!

Nah, it’s not so bad.  With a little more research I was able to curb the withdrawals and actually enjoy some between-season entertainment.  Obviously the best place to start is the original Image comic book series by Robert Kirkman.  Or you can go check out one of the many websites dedicated to (or at least rich in content) about the subject. This is what I did.  Which do I recommend, and why?  Let me tell you:

  • The Walking Dead website: thewalkingdead.com, is THE official The Walking Dead website.  This wonderfully Dead packed site has everything you could ever need.  You’ll be able to keep up with any news, comic books included, and they have pages dedicated to merchandise, games, and blog posts!
  • The Talking Dead website on AMC:  Yes, they have their own talk show.   Seriously, there is a talk show about this. And it’s good!!
  • Fear the Walking Dead:  The The Walking Dead spin-off on AMC started last year. It’s set on the West Coast with urban zombies, not the woodsy type.  These are poker playing zombies!  How cool is that?
  • The Walking Dead wiki:  This is a fan based wiki site for everything Walking.  I really do mean everything.  There are 6, 345 pages to this site.  It shares storylines, video game info, comic book cover art, character/actor bios. The creators left no gaps – I defy you to find them!
  • Catch up on our own reviews of the show! AP2HYC has reviewed the last couple of seasons of The Walking Dead, which make for a great way to remind yourself what happened on the show leading into the new episodes.

These are my favorite ways to keep up and stay excited about the coming season.  How do you cope with the mid-season withdrawal?

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