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The Mighty Titan Round-up #2

Titan Comics are always delivering a number of goodies for everyone and this week in no exception. If you’re a particular fan of television, and specifically, BBC, this is definitely the week for you. With so much many comics to delve through, below are a series of mini reviews to help you get started. All of these smashing titles are available to buy from the 7th of February, either directly from Titan Comics or a plethora of good comic retailers.

Torchwood #2.1


If you miss Torchwood like I do, this is definitely a series you should start investing your time in. It continues the ever pressing question of “When will Captain Jack Harkness come back to television?”. Well, if the answer is not for a long time, at least we’ll have this comic book series to keep us going. What’s even more great is that this series is written by the man himself John Barrowman and Carol Barrowman. So if anyone knows anything about Captain Jack Harkness and what he would do in these scenarios, it’s going to be John Barrowman. The art, by Neil Edwards, also fits the comic perfectly. Any Torchwood and John Barrowman fan will love this one.

Doctor Who: Eleventh Doctor #3.2


Man, I really miss pre-Clara Eleventh Doctor. Once again, if you share the same sentiment, this is the perfect comic for you. Without reading previous issues, this comic gives us a way more interesting companion to the Eleventh Doctor and an even more interesting story. It’s delves back to the simple, quirkiness of the Eleventh Doctor with its usual moments of seriousness spread throughout the piece. If you’re missing some of your old favorites from Doctor Who, definitely check this one out.

Sherlock: The Blind Banker #2


If you thought I was going to say something along the lines of my really missing the old Sherlock, you are absolutely wrong. What I was going to say was if you really want to see Benedict Cumberbatch as a bishōnen anime character, this is definitely the comic you should be reading. Also, I really miss the old Sherlock. It’s a great way to be re-introduced to the series and look back on some of the more intriguing episodes that focused on real mysteries.

Khaal #2


Valentin Sécher‘s art in this issue is absolutely breathtaking from start to finish. Even the smallest panels possess amazing detail and color. If you’re a fan of dark, depressing, and not very likable protagonists, Khaal #2 is definitely a good read for you. Khaal himself is incredibly flawed and, through Stephane Louis’ writing, is very hard to sympathize and empathize with. In fact, you feel more for the characters around him in this issue rather than himself. It’s an interesting change of pace in terms of character development.

Samurai: Brothers in Arms #2.6


Borrowing from the classic elements of any samurai story, Samurai: Brothers in Arms #2.6 is a series you may want to go back to and start from the beginning. It has all the action, violence, and sense of justice any good samurai story possesses. Definitely try to read the previous issues as this one is the final chapter of the current arc.

Triggerman #5


Like Samurai: Brothers in Arms #2.6, if you haven’t been reading the series from the beginning, this is one where you should definitely go back and read previous issues. But as a whole, Triggerman #5 is a great classic noir and the finale ends as any good noir would end. The style of the artwork also compliments the atmosphere and overall tone of the series.

Norman #2.3


It’s cute and completely psychotic. If you’re a fan of this niche kind of storytelling then following a child serial killer is definitely the way to go. It’s ridiculous, funny, and disturbing all at the same time.

Vikings Godhead TPB


Vikings Godhead will peak the interest of fans of the television series. And, as someone who does not follow the show, it’s still an interesting, nonconventional way to be introduced to the world and characters. If you’re also just into vikings and norse mythology in general, it’s still an interesting read.

The Walking Dead: Companion to the Comic Series


Considering this the “bonus features” to a beloved DVD of yours. If you love The Walking Dead and follow it religiously and are also one of those fans that enjoys to learn more about the series, then this is definitely worth a read. If you also want to brush up on previous events in the series, then this is also well worth the read as it reminds readers what issues contained which events.

Norman: The Vengeance of Grace


Again, if you’re a fan of the cute, chibi, and completely psychotic type of stories, this is definitely a read for you. There’s plenty of humour, albeit very cynical humour. The art, by creator Stan Silas, is cute and there’s also plenty of gore in cute, demonic sort of way.

All the above comics are available through Titan Comics on February 8th (some may be available February 7th). Get your copy of your favorite titles today! 

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