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REVIEW: Arrow 5×14 “The Sin-Eater”

Hey, remember the three least popular villains to ever appear on the show, lets give them their own episode to kill some time. No but seriously, who’s idea was it for Cupid, China White, and the dirty cop ti be the crux of an entire episode even if it was a filler. “The Sin-Eater” if anything was the first major misstep this season, not because of these three lame villains, but because nothing really happened to truly advance the plot until the last minute. We have a bunch of fun villains in the wings this year and some well developed b-plot with Oliver outside the mask, yet here we are. Its not just that the plot was lackluster, but everyone and I mean everyone made some really stupid mistakes this week. Whether it be Oliver trying to press Prometheus, Thea trying to attack Susan, or Lance dealing with the dirty cop. Everyone just turned off the reasoning and went with their poorly thought out plans.

Lets start with Oliver who made a bunch of really stupid missteps this week. I mean first he wants to challenge Prometheus head on by confronting the big bad’s mom and attempting to get a name. Smart start but then Ollie tries to do it as the mayor which we knew was only going to end one way. I mean I could give two shits who Prometheus actually is under the mask, the most interesting thing about him as a villain is that he manages to apply pressure to Oliver. Even without showing up this week Prometheus manages to terrify and prove to Oliver that no matter what Ollie does Prometheus is a few steps ahead. Great plot point until Oliver admits to everyone that the Green Arrow killed Billy. We knew eventually Prometheus would use Ollie killing Billy to his advantage, but if everything with the police is so easily resolved then whats the point. I really hope the oncoming scandal plot makes up for everything with the cops being so easily resolved.

Then we have the Lance and the dirty cop plot which on the surface might have worked if we had a more solid build up for the twos relationship. I mean she was in one episode as opposed to our other two villainess who have had multiple episodes worth of history with Ollie. I mean the motivation of Lance not being as upstanding and heroic as the dirty cop thought really never hit home. I mean was Lance always this symbol of the right and just because even ion his best moments he seemed like kind of a douche in the best way possible. If all of our villains had a reason to fight other than a massive amount of cash then things may have worked out better, but none of them had a substantive motivation to mean anything. Really this A-Plot was just super week and beyond forgettable.

Then we have the stupidest plot of the entire episode, Thea getting Susan fired. Yes, Susan was getting close to figuring out that Ollie was the Green Arrow, but there was no need for Thea and Felicity to go absolutely nuclear on her and ruin her life. It’s like Ollie said, she knows better than to just go and fully nuke someones life and if she had come to the team they would have gladly helped her protect Ollie’s identity. I mean Diggle has only pretended to be Oliver a hundred different times, what would one more be. Even Felicity should have been smart enough to suggest having one of the recruits masquerade as the Green Arrow, instead she turned a blind eye to everything Thea was doing. It was so dumb and unforgivable I completely understand Oliver’s reasons for being pissed at them.

The only part of the plot that was more confusing was the flashbacks where Anatoli and Oliver are being hunted by Gregor. I mean we know they both get out of this ok so why force us to watch them be hunted with no actual tension. The more I watch the Flashbacks the more I am left wondering much like Prometheus, where the hell is Kovar. Isn’t he supposed to be the big flashback baddie this year, shouldn’t he be doing something. I am just so confused as to how this all leads to Oliver back on the island laughing a flaming arrow, the show needs to get it’s shit together.

Overall this was the most forgettable episode of the entire season and I am really hoping Vigilante and Prometheus get us back on track next week.

Final Grade C-

+Oliver having to deal with the cover up

-Thea being super stupid

-Ollie not being aware of the ramifications of his actions

-Just an entirely forgettable plot

-What is going on with the flashbacks.

Extra Thoughts

-Lance mentions Slade and Darhk but conveniently leaves out Ra’s. Does no one remember Ra’s existed.

-When did Ollie get his bow modified with flares, because that was really cool.

-Review of last weeks episode solid B-. Little heavy handed but I enjoyed the overall tone.

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