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REVIEW: The Flash 3×12 “Untouchable”

Hey, time for Wally to man the hell up and learn some speedster skills or you know actually develop the plot in a substantive way. I mean Wally getting an upgrade was not the true purpose of “Untouchable”, but it definitely helped to add to a solid episode. If the back half of the season has been lacking anything, other than our main villain, it was real development of team Flash and their fight to change the future. Here however we get to see the future both cement and change in some ways. By including Joe in the loop the team now has a new ally and will possibly further be able to alter the future. At the same time we get to see Caitlin struggle with being Killer Frost and controlling her powers once again, which lead us to question how much longer until she pulls a full heel turn.

Lets start with Wally and Barry who are finally working on the whole mentor/mentee relationship thing. Overall Barry has never really seemed like the mentor even with the flashes we have seen of Jesse and Wally. Here however Barry is willing to leave the heavy lifting to Wally and Allow him to discover what the push her needed was. I liked how Barry focused on all of the skills and abilities that his various mentors have given him, but still realizing their way was not what Wally needed. At the same time the episode managed to do a fine job of dealing with Wally’s showboating. By having him almost fail to save Iris gives him a slight amount of humility, I mean not enough to make him stop hitting on girls or leaving flaming lightening bolts on the ground but still something.

On the other side of the coin we have the team actually deciding to tell Joe about Iris’ future and it makes you wonder why it took so long. Joe was right that he needed to know and that the team not telling him put everyone at risk. We know Joe will do anything to protect his kids, but a Joe who is not prepared is likely way more dangerous than a Joe who is. Now with time on their side the team should hopefully be able to save Iris or unfortunately have one of them take her place. More likely odds seem to be on either Joe or Caitlin possibly sacrificing themselves for the good of the team, but there could always be something else that we haven’t thought of yet. Jesse L Martin does always seem to do fantastic work so I would be sad to see him go, but it is defiantly understandable if he is the one to die at this point.

With the main plot I have to say I wasn’t fully impressed as there easily had to be a better way to tie back into flashpoint and the idea of parallel dimensions. I mean I would love for Savitar to basically come out and say we have fought hundreds of times Flash and everytime you loose, We should be using flashpoint to build up the inevitability and foster Barry’s fear of the villain, not simply ignoring what has happened in the past. For example, we have Julian who is actively looking for the people he wronged as Doctor Alchemy. That plot is a solid tie in to the flashpoint storyline, but this one just felt lazy.

What also didn’t work was the Caitlin and Julian becoming better friends plot, not because the plot had any glaring weakness, but because it is such a blatant retread of past plots for Caitlin. Step one Caitlin find broody guy, step two Caitlin goes on date with broody guy, step three broody guy dies an untimely death. If we wanted rinse, wash, repeat we would ask for it, but now we should be at the point where Caitlin is able to be an independent character outside of this loop.

Overall it was an OK episode, just not enough to actually mean something in the end.

Final Grade C+

+Barry/Wally mentorship

+Joe finally knowing about the future

-Caitlin some plot is a complete retread

-Flashpoint tie in was week

-It took to long for Joe to find out

Extra Thoughts

-Barry acknowledges all of his former mentors were bad guys was just the right amount of humor.

-Earth-19 fun fact Lincoln is on the hundred dollar bill.

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