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REVIEW: Legends of Tomorrow 2×10 “Legion of Doom”

OK, so an episode centered primarily on our villains you know what that means, an episode full of verbose villain banter. So, “Legion of Doom” elects to invert the normal formula by allowing us to get to know how are villains are working together and what they are aiming to accomplish. Really this is just an excuse to watch Matt Letscher, John Barrowman, and Neal McDonough chew scenery for an hour and bicker about who is the bigger badass, and you know what its totally worth it. I mean Vandal would have greatly benefitted from an episode like this instead of playing as a sidebar to the Hawks like he did all last year. Whats more, we had a nice little wrap around with Stein and his daughter as the team was forced to deal with a mistake one of them had caused.

So, first thing first the Legion of Doom are officially all worthwhile villains again and provide a suitable threat to the team. Darhk being the heavy is a nice touch considering how much of a planner he was all last year. I especially enjoyed his candidness about how his plan is always to massacre everyone no matter the situation. Malcolm is still the one with all of the machinations and tries to follow the way of the league by being subtle and not forcing the issue. It’s a nice touch considering how often Malcolm’s plans tend to blow up in his face that he continually elects to be the crafty one. Then we have Thawne with possibly the best reveal of the year. I was wondering which version of Thawne we are dealing with and not that we have predominately cemented this Thawne as being the Flashpoint Thawne I was left wondering how he was still alive.

The reveal of the Black Flash was great. I really wasn’t able to put it all together until Malcolm brought up Thawne’s mysterious disappearances, but man was it worth it. We now know what exactly the speed force has enlisted Hunter to do as the Black Flash, kill any and all time aberrations from the Speed Force. His presence raises a few questions like is he only hunting Thawne or are all lingering aberrations up for being hunted. Also now that we know everyones goal in seeking out the spear, how will the team use this information if they ever manage to come in contact with Black Flash? The idea of simply letting Hunter do the team’s work for them is both exciting and terrifying as this is no longer the monster Barry faced off against last year. Black Flash is truly a mindless killing machine driven by instinct and we have no idea if any part of Hunter is still remaining. 

What manger to excite me most of all about this villain centric episode is that the bad guys have technically won for the moment. Not only have they avoided Black Flash, but they have also managed to turn Rip into their own personal weapon. I mean now that we have evil Rip, who will likely be the perfect foil for Eobard considering his hatred of the past, there are just so many possibilities in which the story can go. There is simply no better weapon to tear apart the Legends than their former leader. I hope we will play with this story as well and the Captain Cold one for a little bit before having solid resolution though.

Another great addition to the episode was the side plot of the team dealing with Stein’s daughter and the fact she is a time aberration. This easily could have been dragged out more or forced onto us as some meaningless addition, but here it managed to feel mostly natural. The team doesn’t hate Stein for his mistake and Stein’s daughter is slowly learning to accept the fact that she did not exist prior to Stein creating the aberration. The thing is she has seemed to set in and become a permanent fixture so I really don’t know how the team could uncreate her at this point in time. I mean it has been weeks since Stein unknowingly created her and from what we know aberrations set fairly quickly. I just hope someone or something takes notice of her and attempts to course correct the issue. I mean if Black Flash is pissed at Eobard does Stein’s daughter even register on the map? So much I want to know.

Overall another strong episode, now let’s see how this all plays out.

Final Grade A

+Legion of Doom spotlight

+Malcolm vs Darhk fight

+Black Flash

+The team dealing with Stein’s daughter

+Evil RIp

Extra Thoughts

-So no one thought to ask about Eobard at all with Barry. Come on guys he is your friend.

-I love that Rip points out that Darhk and Malcolm are henchmen, just shows how vain they are to not realize it themselves.

-I really want to know if Black Flash is aware of what he/it is doing or if it is simply an implement of the Speed Force.

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